Sunday, January 24, 2010

Becca Fitzpatrick and Teen Book Festival

This weekend was one of the best weekends of my life! I had the pleasure of meeting Becca Fitzpatrick, Cassandra Clare, Melissa Marr, Sara Zarr, and Joy Preble. Since these were my first signing events I didn't know what to expect when meeting an author. I was so nervous and to my complete surprise I found each author extremely nice and humble.

Becca Fitzpatrick
On Friday January 23, 2010 I attend the Hush Hush book signing at the Blue Williow Bookshop in Houston, Tx at 7pm. Becca shared some general information about Crescendo like how Crescendo will be focusing on how Patch is connected to Nora's father and letting us know that Patch's past is still going to be a secret at the end of the book. She read to us the scene where Nora decides to call Patch for the first time for the interview assignment for Biology class. Then she answered like a bazillion questions...haha well maybe not that many but it was a lot and it was very exciting. We all got to see some of the outtakes of the photo shoot with Patch (who is played by Drew Doyon) and Nora (I'm sorry I didn't get the model who was posing as Nora). They were so pretty and hope they make poster of them soon. When Crescendo is released I would love to see her again and will mark the date as soon as she announces them.

Cassandra Clare
I am a HUGE fan and the Mortal Instruments so when I found out she was going to be here I had to go meet her. The Teen Book Festival started at 11am but we didn't get there till 1pm. I walked in with Maria and Christina and went to look around and ended up at the B&N table. As I was there trying to figure out how many books I could get away with buying without my husband coming to cut my visa up I was talking to my companions when I backed up and bumped into someone passing by. As I turned around I figured it would be one of the hundreds of teens walking around but low and behold it was Cassandra Clare. It happen so fast I really didn't realise it until Christina the actual teenager in our threesome whispered "That was Cassandra Clare!!" and I was like "Holy crap I just bumped into Cassandra Clare!!" and we got all giddy like we were kids and Maria got all jealous because she wasn't the one who almost knock down the genius behind the Mortal Instruments.
With so little time we only went to see Cassandra Clare in the breakout session in which she talks about her life and how she became a writer. She is such a fascinating person to listen to. She read us a romance novel she wrote when she was eleven, she had us all laughing. She also wrote a little skit about her first phone calls to her mother, father and Holly Black when she found out she was on the New York's bestselling list. Oh, and when the Author panel was being held with all six authors Cassandra shared her story of the first time she was presenting at a school with her close friend Holly Black and the school had forgotten that they were event coming and had no place to put them so the school ended up putting them in the gym on one of three volleyball courts. Holly was just about to explain to Cassie how to give a presentation since this was going to be her first time when a volleyball flew out of now where and hit Holly in the head. We all couldn't stop laughing. This festival was so much fun and I will plan on attending every year.
Photobucket Inside Festival Booklet
Cassandra talking about herself and answering questions Photobucket Cassandra siging my books.
Cassandra Clare and Me..I know, hillarious right, but the line was moving so fast I couldn't get a good picture with her. Ok..I know what your thinking " Why in the world would she put this picture up?" Sorry I just had to!! I think it's so hilarious. LOL!! We were maybe the 10th in line of about 1000 (yes a VERY long line) and we were being rushed as we got to the tabel because Cassie had to leave in like 30 minutes so I sneaked into the shot because I never know how to NOT be silly. I'm a mental case, I know ;) Anyways I hope you enjoy this pic as much as I do.

I also meet Sara Zarr, Joy Preble and Melissa Marr as they signed their own books for me. Unfortunately since I was late we didn't get to listed to anyone else speeches besides Cassandras and it was very disappointing..hopefully next time. Well here are the books I got signed and will be giving away in various contest in the coming months depending if I get enough followers. Check them out!
Signed books by the authors Hush Hush and 1 post card signed by Becca FitzpatrickFragile Eternity signed by Melissa Marr Story of A Girl  signed by Sara Zarr Dreaming Anastasia signed by Joy Preble w/ book mark and card The Mirror House (short story in Vacations From Hell) signed by Cassandra Clare City of Glass signed by Cassandra Clare

I want to thank Becca Fitzpatrick, Cassandra Clare, Melissa Marr, Sara Zarr, and Joy Preble for signing my books!

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