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I'm so excited to share this news with you. Sunny has agreed to let me interview her. Ya! I couldn't believe it when she said yes! She also agreed to sign some copies of her books which I will be giving away in a contest. I absoulutly love her books and you will too. Keep a look out for furture post so you could enter.
Please note these books are for mature readers so you will have to be 18 to enter.

Sneek Peek into Cassandra Clare Interview by the German manga magazine Daisuki

This is just a few questions from the interview. If you want the full version you can check it out in her Mortal Instument Google Group. Here is the link
If you're a fan you should sign up to join in the discussions about characters, movie, and up coming books.

Which kind of paranormal creature is most fun to write about- angels, werewolves, vampire, elves or another creature?

CC-I love writing about angels because the mythology is so rich and enjoyable. There are so many texts to read. Plus it gives me the opportunity to re-read Paradise Lost, which is a favorite of mine. But then writing about vampires and werewolves is also fun — I get to read modern updates on the mythology, plus watch lots of movies!

Why do you think YA books and in particular urban fantasy books have become so popular in recent years?

CC-I think everyone can relate to the feeling of being young and having to make huge choices that will affect your whole life in the future, which is what YA protagonists have to deal with. Also, almost all fantasy has always been coming-of-age stories, which are universal in their appeal. Look at manga — the majority of protagonists are young. I think these stories have always been around and we've only recently started calling them "YA."

The love triangle between Jace, Clary and Simon is so important for the books. We wondered if Simon’s role isn’t a bit too tragic seeing that he never stood a chance against Jace?

CC-It's true that Simon never stood a chance against Jace in the romance department. But fortunately he is now immortal, invincible, and has two beautiful girls interested in him, so I wouldn't say his is the worst situation ever!

Why did Clary never realize Simon’s feelings for her back before she met Jace, Isabelle and Alec?

CC-Because he took great pains to hide it from her until he finally felt bold enough to say something. Unfortunately by the time he was ready to say something, it was too late!

Will Simon’s parents ever find out about his vampirism?

CC-Simon's father is gone. I do think that "coming out" to his mother will be an important part of his development.

Do you believe in love at first sight? And do you believe that people are destined for each other?

CC-In real life, I don't believe in destiny — but in real life, I don't believe in vampires, either! I think when you invent a world where there is magic, there can also be magical ties that bind people together. But I think when you're writing, to make that love really believable to the reader, you have to create two characters who seem suited to each other as well as being magically bound.

Is Clary and Jace’s love for each other intensified because as siblings it is a forbidden love?

CC-Of course. Forbidden love is always more intense.

Books into Movies

Since I started reading devotedly in 2007 I have made a little tradition of watching the movie addaptation of a book after reading it. Once I saw Twilight and was very disappointed and learned to view the books and movies as two totally seperate entities. I felt Twilight, as a movie had a good representation of the characters but missed an enormous amount details. I will never understand why the screen writers add and change so many things especially if it takes away from the original story. The books are always better than the movies. Having said that I still love seeing my favorite characters on screen and come to life. So I will be adding "Books Into Movies" on our sidebar as well as posting upcoming movies as they come close to their release dates. Here is one movie already out and two coming soon.

My Sister's Keeper
This movie is out on DVD. If you haven't seen it you should but make sure to have tons and tons of tissues. I like the movie but was dissapointed with the ending because it is totaly different then the book. They also added a love scene which I felt really didn't help the story and didn't need to be in there. Other than that It was a good movie and fair enough addaptaion to the book. Just keep in mind the ending is so much more defastaing in the book. Here's my review on the book-

The Lovely Bones
I can't not wait to see this movie!! I loved the book and if you haven't picked it up you should it's a fantastic read. Release date Jan 15th. Here's my review on the book-

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Theif
I have not read this book yet but will before the movie comes out Feb 12. All of the Percy Jackson & The Olympians are on my to read list.

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Events Coming To Houston

Becca Fitzpatrick book signing at B & N Jan. 23th 2:00pm

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