Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Book Signing

This is my first blog ever so be gentle....

I attended the book review with my cousin Trini and sister (I am the one with the long curly hair). This is my FIRST BOOK SIGNING!!!!! I was so excited and it was not a let down. Becca personality was so welcoming you just wanted to hug her. I did not have a chance to finish her book before the reading but I can’t wait to open it up again.

So Sad....

I could not attend Cassandra Clares’ book signing which I wanted and my husband wanted the most. We had basketball games all day. I have read City of Bones and currently reading City of Ashes. After I finished City of Bones I had to run outside and SCREAM!!! I wish I could read and fast as my husband because he is rushing me through City of Ashes....errrrrggg!!! I LOVE JACE'S character....don't want to let the cat out I was so upset with the ending of City Of Bones...arg

This is the first edition check ya out next time.

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