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O&A with Sunny and a Giveaway!

You heard it here first!!
For the first time Sunny is revealing the plot of her next book, Mona Lisa Eclipsing

I'm ecstatic about having Sunny share a few words with us today on our blog. She is a fantastic writer with a brilliantly imaginative mine. I want to thank her for being so gracious and friendly when it came to answering our questions. The Q&A today is about her Monere Series. I picked this series knowing that the next book in the series will be coming out later this year or early next. This will give you a chance to pick up the whole series and be caught up with the story when the new adverture begins. ENJOY!! 


What was the easiest and hardest things to write about in the Monère Series?

The love scenes turned out, surprisingly, to be the easiest parts to write. It’s more conscious work and writing effort leading up to it. Then when I hit a love scene, the words just flowed out of me almost effortlessly.

Ironically enough, the love scenes now are also the hardest things to write in the Monère series. MONA LISA AWAKENING, MONA LISA BLOSSOMING, and the short Monère novella in OVER THE MOON were literally a joy for me to write. By then, however, I’d written over a dozen love scenes. My problem is that I try to make each love scene slightly different and unique—different emotional reasons and resonances, as well as the sex itself, if I can. After you’ve written so many variations, you start to run out of new ideas.

What is the most asked question about the Monère Series?

The biggest one so far is if Dante (from MONA LISA CRAVING) will come back. Happy to say that yes, he will. For a while I thought that MONA LISA DARKENING would be the last book I’d write in the series. The outpouring of emails from fans, and some really wonderful readers that I met at a conference happily changed my mind. It’s very different meeting readers who love your stories in person. Meeting them made me feel much more obligated to ties things up for my fans instead of leaving things hanging.

MONA LISA ECLIPSING should be out by the end of the year or early 2011, and will feature Dante’s return. We’ll also see more of Amber and Halcyon.

What is the most challenging aspect of writing the Monère Series?

Like the love scenes, the most challenging aspect of the novels is trying to come up with new perilous situations and adventures to write about. In MONA LISA AWAKENING, poor Mona Lisa is kidnapped by rogues, drugged with an aphrodisiac, and snatched by a demon down to Hell. In MONA LISA BLOSSOMING, the men in her life fight each other to win her love, and she is attacked by a rival Queen. In MONA LISA CRAVING, she’s snatched away by a family in need of her Queen ability to share moonlight with other Monère to save their oldest son, Dante, and finds herself haunted not just by new life growing within her but her old one. In MONA LISA DARKENING, Mona Lisa is drawn into NetherHell, the cursed realm of the damn, her body possessed by another Queen. And these are very simple, general strokes about each book. Each novel is packed with lots of action, adventure, side characters, and new lovers.

In MONA LISA ECLISPING, the new novel I’m writing, Mona Lisa travels down to Mexico after learning that Dante has been sighted there, intending to bring him home. A head injury, however, causes her to lose all memory of her new Monère life.

Which book has been the easiest and hardest to write and why?

My first novel, MONA LISA AWAKENING, was the most thrilling and joyous for me to write, but not the easiest. I was learning how to write and was facing the challenge of seeing if I was capable of writing out an entire book, which I didn’t quite believe I could do, much less write a story that I considered good. The easiest story to write was “Chinatown,” the novella in THE HARD STUFF, which I wrote after finishing MONA LISA AWAKENING. “Chinatown” was my first sale. Riding the high of having completed a manuscript that I loved—of finding myself able to actually write!—I dashed off the 25,000 word novella in two weeks, just in time to pitch it to a Kensington editor at the New England Chapter’s annual RWA Conference. I got “the email” several weeks later telling me that they wanted to publish my novella.

The hardest book to write is my current work in progress. I’ve found that each subsequent book in a series gets harder to write and takes longer to do so, much in part because I pack a lot of stuff into each book and start running out of ideas of what to do in the new stories that I haven’t already done. Not only deadlines but the self-pressure of trying to maintain quality weighs more heavily on you with each book.

What is the most interesting comment you have received concerning the Monère Series?

I think the most memorable comment I received was from a reader who loved MONA LISA AWAKENING so much that she got wrinkled in the bathtub because she didn’t want to stop reading long enough to get out. And then I ended up meeting her at a conference! All the warm and encouraging emails I’ve gotten, though, are very special to me. I love hearing from readers who love my stories. They really keep me going and sometimes, as in MONA LISA ECLIPSING, influence what I write.

Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award nominee

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Did I mention a give away?
Yes we will be giving away signed copies of her books. You can take a look at our previous post or just click here to get details and enter.

Sunny also has a giveaway on her contest page. Mona Lisa Darkening is up for grabs!


  1. Thank you for the interview!! I'm so excited to hear that Dante will be in the next book! I really love these books they are so much fun to read. I can't wait until Mona Lisa Eclipsing comes out. Thank you Sunny; you're awesome!

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  3. I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! I love Sunny's books and was really hoping Dante would make a come back. Has anyone heard anything about the Demon Princess series?

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  5. I truly love ALL of Sunny's books, I've turned so many poeple onto her storys, I just can't wait for more. Mrs. Kitty