Monday, February 8, 2010

Skin on Skin by Sunny, Jami Alden, Valerie Martinez

FYI- I'm a romance fanatic! When selecting a book this is the first thing I look for. The second thing I would say I look for is a strong solid back story. I have read some erotica that have flimsy, chaotic, confusing back stories and that is really annoying. In those types of books it seem that all they concentrate on is the sex and that's just not good enough for me. So anyway what I'm trying to say is that I want ROMANCE and HAPPY EVER AFTER stories. That's what I love to read about and if it happens to have explicit sexual content then I say, "Hallelujah I hit the jackpot!"

This was a gift from Sunny herself..THANK YOU Sunny!!
This book has three short stories. I will review each one separately.

Tempted by Jami Alden

I really enjoyed this story. It was funny, hot, and romantic. I wish this was a whole book because the story was really good and lots of fun. Lauren is a beautiful, smart, and sexy woman who has been insecure about her sexuality since she was a young teen after discovering her mother was a porn star. Tony is sexy, fun, witty, and a womanizer who happens to be Lauren's co-worker and best friend. After months of sharing their lives together as friends Lauren can't keep from being attracted to him and little does she know that he feels the same way about her. Not wanting to ruin the friendship they both keep quiet. But as she needs help in wanting to ease her mothers worry about her daughters sex life or lack there of Lauren ask Tony to "pretend" to be her boyfriend for one weekend up at her parents home. As you can imagine emotions run high, jealousies are aroused and things get very interesting. You don't want to miss out on this story!

Jami Alden Website
Brava Author-Jami's page

Hot Wired by Valerie Martinez
There is uninhibited, unreserved,unrestricted sex throughout this story. It was just so RAW! It's a wild and colorful depiction of Chicano life as a young woman named Lola moves to San Fransisco to be with her cousin for the summer. For the first time in her life she's on her own and looking to have some fun. What I really liked about this story was the personal connection I felt. As a Hispanic I could easily get into Lola'a POV and see her world clearly with all the tattoos, the make-up, low riders, and gang bangers. What I didn't like is that Lola really didn't get her happy ever after and that Niel wasted a lot of time being a jerk. I really would have loved to see more of them together.

China Doll by Sunny

Love it! What a great adventurous fantasy. Ana is tired of being afraid. Afraid of being used and betrayed. Seeking a way to conquer her fears she goes to a club in Medan, Indonesia where she meets her mysterious savior. After years of celibacy she finds it difficult to be intimate with a stranger but fights her instinct to run away and stays, not wanting her fears to rule her any longer. As the nigh comes to a close she finds herself very comfortable in the arms of a gentle giant(not literally but he is much bigger than she is). But in the morning her fears resurface in full force and she flees as fast as she can. The story picks up as she is back home in New York a year later feeling miserable and guilty for running out on Rand because he was so compassionate and tender towards her. As Rand is always on her mind she comes to the decision to have a P.I. search for him. But little does she know love comes looking for her first. I don't want to give away the ending but I do want to say I was very, VERY satisfied.


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