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Hello everyone I hope things have been well in my three day absents in which I have a very good excuse for not being around. I have been working on a BIG CONTEST which involves many authors and their participation. I have had great response from a number of authors and can't wait to start the contest because it is going to be tons of fun. I will explain everything below in just a few. I have also been working on finishing Whispered Lies the third book of the BAD Series written by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Diana Love. I will write a review on the series as a whole after finishing this post. I'm also trying to organize the blog so if you see some things have been moved around or missing please be patient with me while I'm still trying to figure things out. Last but not least I have signed up for the BBPcon and have listen to two pre-confrence panel discussions. One on How important covers are? and the other What are the ups and downs of going it alone vs having partners who review? I will be a bit busy during this week if more pre-conference panels become available. I will also be out of pocket on the 19th and 20th from 11am to 8pm and then on Sunday, Authors Day, with all the activities they have lined up. I will put a link below if anyone would like to join the BBPcon. 

The BIG Contest

OK where to being? A couple of days ago I was having a little brainstorming session with myself and asked the question, to myself that is, "What would be a fun contest to offer my beloved followers? Something that I would love to enter into. Something that will involve winning some autographed books and swag from some of the best YA and Tween authors out there." I know so dramatic right..LOL but this is what I came up with. I emailed close to eighty authors (Yes! It took forever but very rewarding), which took alot of work and investigation because some of them have like two or three websites, booksites, sharesite and every other kind of site you can think of. Sheesh I'm exhausted..LOL There are still a couple that slipped through the cracks but I say to you "I'm on to you my very talented and elusive authors. I'm deterimd to contact you, so watch out." Ok enough of the crazy talk here is what is going to happen and who has already signed up.

I have asked each author to answer one of two questions.
1.Can you please share one memorable moment that has happened to you since becoming an author?
2.Can you please share 3 things about yourself that your fans probably don’t know?

Every week I will post an answer. You will have to guess who the answer belongs to. I will provide one hint and a list of participating authors. You may only guess once in the form of a comment. I will post the answer on Friday and end the contest on the following Wednesday at midnight CST each week. The followers who guess correctly get entered into the lottery for that weeks prize. That means if ten of you picked the correct person a winner will be drawn out of you ten. The winner of the lottery may pick one book written by that weeks featured author.  Example: If the answer I gave you belongs to Stephenie Meyer and you are the winner of that weeks challenge you may pick one of her books in which I will provide as that weeks prize.
Yikes! I'm tired...lol but you know what? That is not all. That's right there is more.
Many of these authors have donated signed books and swag that will be compiled into the
Also in the prize pack will be $50 gift certificate to B&N.com, books, movies, and movie tickets.
The winners of each contest will get one entry into the Grand Prize Pack automaticly.
Now for those of you who did not win during this contest this is how you can earn your entries.
I will give you 5 entries into the Grand Pize Pack for each book you purchase from one of the participating authors. You will need to send me (via email) a copy of a receipt dated after the start of this contest which is 3/29/10 for it to qualify.
If you buy Hearts at Stake, The Secret Year and Fallen with a receipt date on 4/1/10 you have just earned 15 entries for the Grand Prize Pack.
Now if you buy a book from a participating author the week he or she is featured I will give you 10 entries.

As of now this contest is fifteen weeks long so you can buy one book a week and earn lots of entries. If I get twenty authors who sign up I will have two different Grand Prize Packs one given away every ten weeks.

 Are you as excited as I'm about all of this? Not only do we get to know some of our favorite authors a little better but you get to win some pretty awesome prizes. That's how much I appriciate you, my wonderful followers.
 So now I guess you are wondering who in there right mind would sign up for such a crazy idea. Well ,haha, let me tell you, some of the greatest story tellers in the world that's who.
Take a look at this spectacualr line up!!

Eileen Cook - Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood
Andrea Cremer - Nightshade 
Melissa DeLaCruz - Blue Blood Series
Bonnie J. Doerr - Island Sting
Simone Elkeles - Perfect Chemistry
Kami Garcia - Beautiful Creatures
Teri Hall -The Line
Alyxandra Harvey - Hearts at Stake
Jennifer Hubbard - The Secret Year
Shaun David Hutchinson - The Deathday Letter
Denise Jaden - Losing Faith
Lauren Kate - Fallen
Jen Nadol - The Mark
Julie Anne Peters - By The Time You Read This,I'll Be Dead
Lisa Schroeder - Chasing Brooklyn
Elizabeth Scott - The Unwritten Rule
Rachel Vincent - Soul Screamers Series
Any Brecount White - Forget-Her-Nots
Sara Zarr - Sweethearts

I will keep updating this list as the authros sign up.
This contest is open to US/Canada residents. To my internationl followers you are also encourage to enter but please note if you win any prize I will ask you to help pay shipping via paypal.
All donations from the participating authors will go striaght to the prize pack.
I will not keep anything for myself and a list of donations will be posted in the official Guess Who? contest page.
If you are a YA/tween author and would like to join please contact me at
More details to come later this week.

So what do you think?

The BBP Con

This Conference is to discuss what is working online to promote books and what we can do better. How can we work together and with authors to bring readers online? What are Publishers goals in working with Bloggers? What are Bloggers and Reviewers looking for?

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