Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Vampire's Kiss: (Vol.1 No 1) Manigault Vampires by Laura Stamps

"Sara Gadsden is a Wiccan Green Witch addicted to paranormal romance novels and their gorgeous vampire heroes. Like most people, she has no idea vampires actually exist until she meets Drayton Manigault at a Samhain party. Dray is not only one of Columbia's wealthiest businessmen, but he's also been a vampire for the last 145 years. Oh, and he's totally yummy. When Dray offers Sara a job working for his computer company, Manigault Technologies, fantasy collides with reality, and Sara's future is suddenly transformed into one wild, smokin' HOT ride!"--Goodreads

I had the privilege of reading the first three chapters of the serialized novel A Vampire Kiss by Laura Stamps. I can't comment on the whole book since it isn't available yet but the first couple of chapters are very pomising. The flirtatious dialogue is great and the chemistry is there but I felt the only subject on everyone's mind was sex. I know, I know it's an Erotica book but even so I think these books can be so much more than JUST SEX. What I really liked about the first few chapters was that Dray is a total gentleman with Sara. He's kind and courteous. Everything you'd love in a man, while Sara is a little she-devil. She's a straight forward, carefree, headstrong kind of woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it. It is so much fun reading the interactions of these two characters because they are so oppisite but very attracted to each. As much as I felt the heat between these two characters I still wanted more foreplay and more drawn out sexual tention. I need more history about Sara, about Dray and the vampires. How did these vampiers evolve? Where did thay come from? I now that it is unfair to ask for when I only read three chapters of this book but that is what I look forward to reading about most when starting a new series.  I can't wait to find out what comes next for Sara and Dray and their steamy relationship. 


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