Thursday, April 29, 2010

What I'm Up To

Hey guys I just want to apologize for neglecting you all for the last two weeks or so. I have been working hard on catching up on my TBR pile while working extra hours at work. I’m also working on 7 reviews (The Iron King, The Iron Daughter, Rules of Attraction, Blood Feud, Deception, Ancient Whispers, and Inside Out), 4 interviews (Alexandra Diaz, Alyxandra Harvey, Pamela Samuels Young, and Marie-Claude Bourque), five ARC Tours (Rules of Attraction, Blood Feud, Deception, Princess of Glass and Ancient Whispers) and many other things. I will be posting all of these thing real soon so keep a look out for them. Also don’t forget to participate every week on the “Guess Who?” post. There are only 5 weeks left for the first Grand Prize drawing and one of the ways you can earn extra entries is by purchasing any book written by any of the participating authors throughout this contest. Just send me a copy of your receipt. Oh and also there is only one more day left to enter into this months Mona Lisa Awakening Giveaway. <--- click here to enter.


  1. Eeek, the Iron Daughter! Can't wait for that one :D

  2. Wow that's a lot of reviews but I can't wait to read them all.

  3. Wow. You seem busy. It'll all be over soon, hopefully. Good luck!