Sunday, May 23, 2010

Signing, Signing and more Signings!

James Dashner

I met The Dashner Dude on Monday May 10th at Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston Texas. I went to this event solo and did not have a camera on me so I didn't take any pictures with him. Which I totally regret but hopefully I will see him again soon. This event was tons of fun especially when Jame and Brandon Mull (the other author at the signing) had everyone laughing hard when they both share their most embarrassing moments. All I'm going to say is make sure when James is around that the door to your restroom is securely locked! He also share a little about the next book in the series,The Scorch Trial, and the new creatures that are going to be in it. If you have a thing for the Dystopian genre and haven't picked up this book I recommend you do so ASAP. I can't wait to see what challenges lie a head for Thomas and Teresa in the next two books. You can check out My Review <--here. Oh and yes you are not seeing double I got one book for me and one book for a giveaway so keep a look out for that.

Holly Black and Sarah Rees Brennan
I have never had this much fun on a book signing. Holly and Sarah are hilarious. They were very nice and extremely entertaining. I'm so glad I will see them again in Sept. in the Smart Chick Tour Melissa Marr is organizing.
Where to start..well lets start with research. My face still hurts from all the laughter and the ear to ear grin that was plastered on my face as Sarah's shared all her funny research adventures. This is what had me cracking up at the signing. Sarah caught her house on fire, was pulled off a bridge in which she was suspected of trying to commit suicide, committing a B&E, and calling either the chamber of commerce or the police department in London to ask where she could buy crack...LOL. You don't want to know. Holly on the other had thought out her research a little more and asked a friend to lock her in the trunk of a car. Ok..not so much more thought out but hilarious non the less. She highly recommends if you ever get kidnapped to please don't forget to take your neck support.
Then came the questions from their minions. That would be us, there followers, in the audience except for this one man who asked if either of them had ever suffered trauma to the head or had been diagnosed with some kind of mental disease. Needles to say it was a very awkward moment and the mans humor was not appreciated. So just FYI if the question you want to ask starts out as "I don't want to seem rude but..." It's a bad question so keep it to yourself. Other than that there were many good question and comment and one fan even wore cat ears to the signing in show of support for Holly's White Cat novel. Which made me question "What exactly was going through her head when she looked in the mirror." I give her kudos because I'm not that brave.
On to the signing. There were quit a few of us but Sarah and Holly gave each of us their unhurried, undivided attention as they signed our books. It was refreshing not to be rushed off and we actually got to talk with them a little. I got an extra gift from Holly for being a follower/friend on her LJ. I got gloves. They are now put up with the rest of my book memorabilia. I love them! Thank you Holly!! She also drew in my books. She is so awesome and creative. I also got lots of swag from Sarah. I got a poster, bookmarks and  a little booklet with an alternative first chapter from The Demon's Lexicon.
Well this was one of the best event I have been to so far and can't wait to meet them again. I have not read White Cat, The Poison Eater, or The Demon's Covenant but I will get right on them and dish out the reviews ASAP. As you probably saw I didn't get any extra books to give away but I will get some in September when I meet them again. Sorry. 


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