Sunday, June 13, 2010

Signing with Tera Lynn Childs

I had the pleasure of meeting Tera Lynn Child on Friday, June 10th at Blue Willow Bookstore in Houston Tx. She shared a lot with us like her writing process, what projects she's working on (Medusa Girls) and she gave some details about Fins Are Forever (Forgive My Fins #2). Oh!! and she shared the top secret picture of the Fins Are Forever. Shhhh don't tell her publicist. It is soooo pretty! At first I really didn't like the cover of FMF but it has grown on me and I love it. I can't keep from peeking at the Hot Pink hard cover of the book. It's super awesome! If you liked the cover for FMF I just want you to know the cover for the next one is going to be even more beautiful. She also mentioned that she can write more books in the FMF series if the sales pick up so everyone go pick up the book! I just finished reading FMF(Review coming soon!) and I loved it. I will be picking up FAF as soon as it comes out. Tera also talked about her Oh. My. Gods. Series. I haven't read them but I will be picking them up.
Here is a link to Tera's website. Go take a look around!

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