Friday, July 16, 2010

"Guess Who?" Q&A Week 17

This contest in now Closed!! 
Winner is Spain108. Congrats!

Can you please share one memorable moment that has happened to you since becoming an author?
 People frequently ask - so when did you know you were an author? Common answers from writers are things like when I got my agent, when I got my book deal, or even when I first saw my book on the shelves! For me it was a very different experience.

You know those dreams you have - it's the first day of school and you can't find any of your classes, you don't know your locker combination or even where your locker is; or another one: you've already finished the year but in your dreams school is finishing up and you find out that you missed a final exam or you were somehow signed up for a class that you never actually went to and now you're about to fail it?

Anxiety dreams happen to all of us and I used to have those school dreams all the time (just a few nights ago I dreamed my parents were telling me I had to go back to school to take calculus or I wouldn't get my degree! I have serious math phobia. It was awful.) But since all my book dreams have been coming true, I've started to have another type of anxiety dream: author anxiety.

In these dreams I'm in a meeting with my agent or my editor and they very politely inform me that they've decided my books are not good enough after all, they made a mistake by signing me, so it won't be published this year...or ever.

The first morning I woke up after one of those dreams I knew I was an author. Because there's nothing more familiar, or real, than an anxiety nightmare to prove that you've made it!

Hints: She is a debut author and her book comes out in Oct. And I just have to say the cover to her book if freakin awesome!
List of Participating Authors to chose from:
Hilari Bell - Knights & Rogue Series
Sarwat Chadda - The Devil's Kiss
Eileen Cook - Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood
Andrea Cremer - Nightshade 
Melissa DeLaCruz - Blue Blood Series
Alexandra Diaz - Of All The Stupid Things
Kimberly Derting - The Body Finder
Bonnie J. Doerr - Island Sting
Simone Elkeles - Perfect Chemistry
Kami Garcia - Beautiful Creatures
Adele Griffin - The Julian Game
Teri Hall -The Line
Alyxandra Harvey - Hearts at Stake
Karen Healey - Guardina of the Dead
Jennifer Hubbard - The Secret Year
Shaun David Hutchinson - The Deathday Letter
Denise Jaden - Losing Faith
Lauren Kate - Fallen
Jen Nadol - The Mark
Chloe Niell - Firespell
Sarah Ockler - Twenty Boy Summer
Julie Anne Peters - By The Time You Read This,I'll Be Dead
Carrie Ryan - The Forest of Hands and Teeth
Lisa Schroeder - Chasing Brooklyn
Elizabeth Scott - The Unwritten Rule
Rachel Vincent - Soul Screamers Series
Any Brecount White - Forget-Her-Nots
Sara Zarr - Sweethearts
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As of righ now the 2nd prize pack will contain
$50 gift card for B&N

-Pride & Prejudice book and movie + popcorn

-Signed bookmarks donated by Lisa Schroeder

-Signed bookmarks donated by Jen Nadol

-Bookmarks donated by Shaun David Hutchinson

-Copy of The Last Knight, Rogue's House and Player's Ruse donated by Hilari Bell

-One Devil's Kiss audiobook donated by Sarwat Chadda

-One signed book by donated by Julie Anne Peters

-One signed copy of My Soul to Save donated by Rachel Vincent

-The Drake Chronicles tote bag donated by Alyxandra Harvey



  1. My guess is Andrea Cremer

    -Lisa B.
    angel28140 (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

  2. I think it is Andrea Cremer too :)
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  3. Im guessing Andrea Cremer. Cant wait for Nightshade!!

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    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  4. i deff think its Andrea cremer!


  5. My Guess would be the author of Night Shade Andrea Cremer. I know Night Shade is due to come out in October.

    I tweeted about this week's "Guess Who" on Twitter (@skyla11377).

    I posted this weeks "Guess Who" on my Facebook Page.!/skyla11377?v=wall&story_fbid=138810336147121&ref=mf


  6. I'll say Andrea Cremer as well. That cover is amazing.



    kanonei at gmail dot com

  7. I forgot to mention this in my post.

    I posted this weeks "Guess Who?" on my left side bar.


  8. Awwwuh! That's so sad! I'll have to say Andrea Cremer, I'm counting down for Nightshade, I cannot wait to read it!

  9. Andrea Cremer!

    +2 Tweeted @ stefaniepainter -


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  11. My guess is Andrea Cremer as well! ;]


  12. Andrea Cremer - Nightshade
    It has to be!

  13. Andrea Cremer - totally with the crowd on this one :P Hands down!

  14. Whoops! Forgot to leave e-mail address! Sorry!

  15. Andrea Creamer- NIGHTSHADE I love the cover conting down when it out in october.. arounf he time 4 my Bday OCt 31.. yeaa oh and we have the same 1st name..


  16. >Anonymous< is me but I am not that LOL
    oh and i tweeted this also posted on my FB page titled under the same email or my name which is Andrea Anderson..

  17. Andrea Cremer!!

  18. Nightshade By Andrea Cremer I can't wait for it love the cover heard so many good things about the book!

  19. Nightshade by Andrea Cremer! Fits the description perfectly!

    candace_redinger at yahoo dot com

  20. Andrea Cremer - Nightshade

    I guess we all are thinking the same thing lol

  21. I know Nightshade comes out in Andrea Cremer!! I can't wait for her book!

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  22. I want to say something different... Kami Garcia! =D

    My email is:

    Thank you!! =D