Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tell Me A Secret by Holly Cupala Character Interview with Rand (Spoiler Alert!!)


1.Hi Rand how are you and Lexi doing and what‘s going on in your lives right now?
Thanks for asking me, Trini! Things are hopeful right now. Hard, but hopeful.

2. Who do you think Lexi looks like?
It’s funny—sometimes she looks like me, and sometimes like Kamran, depending on what mood she’s in. Her eyes are the same heavy-lidded ones as mine and Xanda’s, her face shape like Kamran’s, and her skin and hair right down the middle. Sometimes (when she’s making her mad face), she looks kind of like my mom!

3. How hard is it being a single teenage parent and how has your life changed since Lexi has arrived?
Physically, it’s probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life. There are days when I could fall asleep in my pancakes, and yet if she makes even the tiniest sound, I’m fully and completely at her attention. But emotionally, it’s something else altogether, especially since the family has started to heal. I guess that’s what Nik meant when she said we don’t always know why things happen until down the road.

4. What words of encouragement to you have for others in your situation?
Maybe they’ll find my story helpful—terrible things can happen, and things you think will shatter everything you hope for, but maybe the reasons aren’t as much in the past as in the future, in what we decide to do with our experiences. There’s hope and meaning there, in what we decide to do with our lives. 

5. Do you have any regrets about anything?
I think the thing I regret the most is not saying goodbye to Xanda, but I feel like in some way Lexi being here has brought her back. We’re all trying to figure out how Xanda fits into our story now—not as a family secret, but as part of our shared past. 

6. If by some miracle you were allowed to spend one day with Xanda what would you two do and what would you say to her?
I think I’d want her to meet Lexi, and for us to spend a day together as a family. I think I’d like her to meet Kamran!

7. How is everything going between your parents?
Better, now that they’re talking about stuff. Mom even cooked for him the other night—ok, so it was takeout from his favorite restaurant (Coastal Kitchen in Seattle), but they looked pretty happy eating it!

8. How are things going between you and Kamran?
We’re taking things one step at a time. His parents think we’re kind of crazy, but at least they’re being cool about us, and they love Lexi. We’re both working pretty hard with jobs and school, but we see each other on weekends for study/drawing dates (and the occasional visit to the Sci-Fi Museum). 

9. Have you seen Delaney or has she tried to contact you?
Nope. But I heard she might make a cameo appearance in another book. That would be wild, since I will, too.

10. What is up with Essence? Has she been around any?
After Essence and I patched things up at the hospital, things have been going pretty well—I’m glad, because I learned a lot about what it means to be a friend through all of this. I saw what I wanted to see and not the truth. At least she isn’t afraid of telling me! 

11. How is school going and what career field are you pursuing?
So far I’m studying Studio Art at Cornish, after I finished out high school (which was kind of crazy, working for Shelley and taking care of Lexi and catching up on three months of school all at the same time). My parents still think I should look into teaching, “to support my starving artist status,” but I met this really incredible girl, Realm, who does graphics for a gaming company here in Seattle and is writing and illustrating her own graphic novel—which makes me think…wow, there are a lot of possibilities. Labyrinth games? A graphic novel? Who knows… 

12. How is your art work progressing?
Labyrinths, faces, even the occasional collage—art school is killing me (in a good way). I’m finding out now that Mrs. Crooker was pretty cool to me last year, even on her grouchy tyrant days. My favorite is when we get to draw portraits. We have a total Lexi collection going on now. 

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  1. That interview was amazing and you asked fantastic questions, thsnks you