Friday, September 30, 2011

Do You Have Questions for Simone Elkeles?? + a Giveaway

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Congratulations to the winner Kate!
Questions? Questions? Questions?
Hey everyone! I have a very exciting live interview coming up Monday with Simone Elkeles and I wanted to see if any of you guys had any questions for her? Of course I have plenty of my own but I may pick a couple of questions from you all to add to the list. This interview will be recorded and posted up soon after Monday. It all just depends on how much I need to edit. So if there is something you just NEED to know about Avi and Amy, Maggie and Caleb, Alex and Brittany, Carlos and Kiara, and/or Luis and Nikki leave a comment below.
Oh did I mention if you ask a question you get a chance to win a signed copy of Perfect Chemistry?
Ok so ask away!
Ask a legitimate question. You may have more than one question but please submit them all at once in the form of a comment. One entry per person. You must be a follower. US and Canada residence only unless you are willing to help with shipping charges. Ends sometime on Sunday October 2nd.(Yes only 2 days away so hurry, hurry, hurry!)

Thanks for helping out guys! Good Luck!


  1. Hmmm, When did you first got the idea for the series?

    How many times did you get writer's block when writing it?

    How do you feel about your own main character(s)? Love them? Slightly annoyng?

  2. I love the Perfect Chemistry series--thanks so much for holding this interview! Can't wait to see what Simone has to say!

    I live in Australia, but if I happen to win, I'll help with the shipping costs =)

    I love the Fuentes brothers (who doesn't??) and I was wondering why it was so important to you to write about 3 different siblings, as opposed to just 3 random guys?


    Out of all of your female leads, who do you identify most with?

  3. What a great idea and awesome giveaway!!

    At what age did you first start writing?

    Who is YOUR favorite author?

    Where do you draw inspiration for you stories?

    What is your biggest piece of advice for an aspiring writer?

    Thank you!!

  4. Where did you get the inspiration for your characters? Are they based on anyone you know personally?

  5. What inpsire's your stories?

  6. Do you have a favorite book or favorite couple from any of your books?

  7. Your books talk a lot of difficult relationships between two people. For example, in the Perfect Chemistry series, you use the drug world. Why did you choose this one especially for the three books in the series?

  8. What was your opinion on the book after you finished writing it?

  9. I have yet to start this series yet, so I'm going to keep my questions generic!(:

    -Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?
    -Why did you want to become a writer? Was it what you wanted to be when you were younger?
    -What was the hardest part to write in your books?
    -How much of the book is realistic?

  10. I as well have not read the series, but I hope to in the future. I have heard nothing but good things about the series.

    General Questions:
    - Did you believe this series would do as well as it has?
    - What inspired you to become a writer?
    - Do you believe if it wasn't for your "inspiration" you would have wanted to be something else?
    - It is your favorite genre when you were a child or even when you were a teen?
    - Did you believe you always had a book on your bedside?
    - As a person do you believe you do a good job as a writer?
    - How did you come up with your characters and what inspired you to give them the situations they wen through?

  11. Question: Do you have a dream about this series? Is that how it got started? I have dreams that could be great stories and i was wondering. :D

  12. This is such a cool idea! My question: What is your average writing day like? (Basically: a day in the life of Simone Elkeles)


    Thanks for this great giveaway! :-)

  13. I haven't read Perfect Chemistry, so in your professional opinion, why should I?

    Awesome giveaway, I've been wanting to read her books :)

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  14. GFC Krystal Larson edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom
    Why did you decide to write in the young adult genre?
    How hard was writing about a different culture?
    How much research did you have to do?
    Will there be a fourth in the How I Ruined My Summer Vacation series?

    Thank you so much for the chance to win, signed is very special!

  15. What's the greatest challenge in writing this novel?


  16. I actually started reading Chain Reaction two days, the last book. Oh my God what am I going to do without my Fuentes men? Chemistry is one of the first books to get me back into reading after elementary school. I had no idea YA existed, there were just kid books an adult books. So when I found this book in middle school it was amazing. Today Perfect Chemistry is still one of my favorite books in the world! Rules of Attraction is also one of my favorites! Alex and Carlos are two of my dream men! So my first question Is where can I get an Alex/Carlos of my own? Haha, so I guess that's one question that can never be truely answered. Well something I really want to know is what's next?! I need my Simone Elkeles fix! As of right now I still have to read the How I Ruined my Summer Vacation Series. I read Leaving Paradise and Return to Paradise, also totally loved. But after that I'm all caught up and I so need more! I can't live without these books and guys! (ok maybe a bit of an exaggeration but with crazy hectic lives there is some truth to it!)

    Thanks so much for the chance to win this super amazing giveaway! It would be. So awesome to have a signed copy of my favorite book!
    New GFC follower

  17. Sorry if someone else already asked this question, but for some reason the other comments wouldn't load, so I couldn't read them to make sure.

    But my question is:
    Are your stories written from personal experience, or is it just your surroundings, or imagination that allows you to come up with your amazing stories? :)

  18. how will a good reader know that he/she can also be a good writer?

  19. Where does your inspiration come from for writing such characters?

    Are these books based off experience (i.e. have you ever dated the "bad" guy or experienced forbidden love)?

    Who is your favorite character of The Perfect Chemisty series? Do you have a least favorite?
    And who was the most fun to create?

    Out of the first two books in the series, what was the hardest part to write (maybe writer's block or something that touched on a personal level)?

    Do you have a favorite book?

    P.S. I think this series is A-mazing. :)

  20. What inspired you to write Perfect chemistry?

    Out Of all three of the Fuentes brothers, which one was your favorite?

  21. Thank you so much! I'm so excited to have a signed copy of one of my favorite books!