Friday, September 9, 2011

Signing: Tera Lynn Childs & Sophie Jordan

So Wednesday night a girlfriend and I went to The Blue Willow Bookshop in Katy, Texas to meet Tera Lynn Childs and Sophie Jordan! We had a great time and got the scoop about their news books and possible movie for Firelight. These two ladies were so nice and gave us some very detailed answers.

Sophie talked about the movie, letting us know she has no say in pretty much anything to do with it but is very excited that they are now looking for a director. She also described the movie as "Firelight on steroids." If it ever makes the big screen I will definitely go see it.

Tera talked about Sweet Venom and the differences of her three main characters. She told us the title of her next book in the series is names " Sweet Shadows".  Throughout the signing and all the questions I noticed there was no mention of  any love interest in the book so I asked the most important question of the night. " Are there any HOT guys in this series?" Ya, that's me always wanting to know the important stuff. She did say that the romance in this new series is not as strong as her other books but there is some. She mentioned four guys and three girls. I totally focused in after that.

We had a great time and hope to see them next year when their next books come out. 
You can take a  look at the slideshow for some great pictures. Oh, and Blue Willow gave out tons of sneek peaks of Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor. I will be giving away five of them next week so stay tune. Take a look at the last picture in the slideshow to see what they look like.

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