Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blog Tour: Geek Girl by Cindy C. Bennett

Thanks to Cedar Fort Inc. and Cindy Bennett for providing this ARC for review.
Paperback, 281 pages
Expected publication: December 6th 2011 by Cedar Fort 

Jen's life of partying and sneaking out has grown stale. So on a whim, Jen makes a bet to turn Trevor, a goody-two-shoes geek, into a "bad boy." As she hangs out with Trevor, however, she finds it's actually kinda fun being a geek. But when Trevor finds out about the bet, Jen must fight for the things she's discovered matter most: friendship, family, and, above all, love.--Goodreads

What a great book!! An absolute must read! It's so heartbreaking, so beautiful, and so much fun. I loved it!

Jennifer “Jenn” has learned to live each day by shutting out her emotions, not letting anyone get past her defenses and acting out. She is a foster child due to one parent in jail and the other in the grave. Her story is so tragic and damaging I can understand why she is the way she is.

Throughout the book she suffers from low self esteem, trust issues and always thinks someone wants something from her if given anything. Stuck in a bad cycle where life just gets stale and uninspiring with drugs and alcohol she makes a bet that she can turn Trevor ,one of the schools “geeks”, into a bad boy.

 Trevor “Trev” is a A+ Student, Sci-Fi loving, respectable young man. He has had the polar opposite family life compared to Jen‘s. With loving parents and a supportive family behind him Jen gets to see what it’s like to have a normal family. After meeting his family and spend some time with them she starts feeling guilty about the bet.  This is when lines start to blur and things get confusing for Jen because at first she see him as a target only but he slowly grows into someone she can count on and trust. This is extremely rear for her.

As their relationship grows the terribly secret (the bet) that means nothing to her by the end of the book shatters what she has built with Trev. Upset and downhearted he doesn’t know how to forgive her because he trusted her and now feels betrayed. This was a such a hard part of the book to read.

So, the bet doesn’t go quite a planned and you get to see that underneath her hard shell Jen is just a confused and curious beautiful young woman looking for a way to get through life without any more heartache. This is such an inspiring story about love, trust, and overcoming your fears.
Jen--"I am sorry that I hurt you. I don't have the words to tell you has sorry I am about that."..."I would do anything to take that part away. I would do anything to change the hurt I know I caused you. But I can't be sorry about making the bet with Ella and Beth because if I hadn't done that, I would never have gotten to know you."

Trev--"I heard you were going to go out with him and I burned with jealousy. No, burning isn't the right word. I was more like an inferno. So I followed you....."
"You're as pathetic as I am," I gasped out.
"Worse," he qualifies. "I'm a pathetic geek."
I snuggle back in to him "Yeah, well so am I."




  1. This sounds great and I can't wait to read it. Your review is fantastic -- I've never heard of this book before and now I'm adding it to my wish list. Good job. (Oh, and my TBR is saying "Nooo!" right now, but that's another story.) Have a great day!

  2. Trini - Thank you for this really amazing review! I appreciate you taking the time to read and review the book, and to host a giveaway as well. Thank you! :o)