Wednesday, November 2, 2011

MY POV: Don't Breath A Word by Holly Cupala

320 pages
Expected publication: January 3rd 2012 by HarperTeen 
 Joy Delamere is suffocating...

From asthma, which has nearly claimed her life. From her parents, who will do anything to keep that from happening. From dangerous Asher, who is smothering her from the inside out.

Joy can take her cruel words until the night they go too far.

Now, Joy will leave everything behind to find the one who has offered his help, a homeless boy called Creed. She will become someone else. She will learn to survive. She will breathe…if only she can get to Creed before it’s too late.

Set against the gritty backdrop of Seattle’s streets and a cast of characters with secrets of their own, Holly Cupala’s powerful new novel explores the hurt of bullying, the meaning of family, and how far a girl will go to discover her own strength.--Goodreads
This was such a great book! I think Holly has found her niche in writing about taboo subject matters and I love it. There isn't many who are brave enough to tackle these subject but she does it and she does it well. This is the second published book I've read of Holly's and it deal with abusive relationships and homeless teens. I can't say much without giving away the whole story but I don't want to simplify it either by mentioning just those two subject alone. This book deals with many difficult topics in which provokes your deepest emotions leaving you breathless and gasping for more.
When starting the book I immediately felt protective of Joy, the main character. You could feel how desperate she is to get out of her situations from the very first page. It was really sad that she felt that she had no other choice other that to leave her whole family behind and that she had no one to turn to for help. Once she heads to Seattle to find her mystery man ,Creed, (that she only met once in passing) she quickly finds out that it is not so easy trying to find a homeless boy in a big city. But she sticks it out for a couple of days before he turns up giving Joy an unexpected and unwelcome greeting. Joy went through a lot living on the streets but as you get deeper into the book (and even to the end) you get to see how naive she still is after a couple of weeks living on the street. Of course she is not as innocent as before she became homeless but you see what her companions have resorted to in order to survive and it's a much more dangerous life then Joy's.

This book is definitely an eye opener and one of the best books I've read this year. Holly Cupala is an author you should NOT pass up while scanning the isle of the bookstore because she's one of the best!

“The only power he’d ever had over me was what I gave him. And I was done with being his victim.”--Joy

“ That’s what I’ll be , if I’m lucky. Invisible.”

Dad--“Has he been hurting you?” The pain on his face was almost unbearable.
“Were words enough to count as hurting?”--Joy






  1. Ohhhh I'm really looking forward to reading this one :) It sounds so awesome!! Great review :)

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  2. I'm really excited to read this one it sounds fantastic. Wonderful review!

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  3. Homelessness and asthma pressing in on the main character - that's some textbook novel suspense.

    Mac Campbell

  4. Amazing review hon. This book sounds very intense, definitely something that will take you to some dark places. I already feel sad about the main character and I haven't read the book yet. Amazing review again hon, can't wait to start this. A definite eye opener :)

    Diana (@Offbeat Vagabond)

  5. I still can't get over how pretty the cover is. Thanks for the review, you always write really good ones :D


  6. Wow... I'm adding this to my wishlist right away. Thanks for the great review.

  7. Great review! I really loved this book. Can't wait to read more from Holly!

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