Monday, November 7, 2011

Trick or Treat Winner! Part 2

Hey everyone!! 
Here are the rest of the Trick or Treat Spooktacular Giveaway Event winners.
 Your packages will be mailed out this week so please look out for it.


Day 10 Cryers Cross by Lisa McMann
Rabiah Rowther 
Day 11  Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore
Peggy Marsiglio 
Day 12 Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs
 Tayte Hunter
Day 13 Hereafter by Tara Hudson
 Elizabeth Kurlykova
Day 14 If I Die by Rachel Vincent
Kayla Lambert
 Thanks everyone who participated in this event. Since I loved reading all of your answers to my questions I want to share my answers for them with you. Check them out if you'd like below.

 Day 1
Recommend a scary movie or tell me what has been the scariest movie you have ever seen.
OK so I love OLD scary movies so these are my recommendations with links 
Hell Night
Happy Birthday To Me 
Graduation Day 
Exorsist (based on true events)
The Entity (based on true events)
Texas Chainsaw Massacare (based on true event)

Day 2
While doing research for the Tantalize series Cynthia Leitich Smith stumbled upon a salon by the name of WET that is operated by a vampire society that drinks blood exclusively from virgins.

Is this a Trick or Treat?
Trick = False Treat = Truth
 Guess what guys..this is a TREAT!!
Yes I know...YIKES! Cynthia talked to us about her research and told us that she in fact found this very UNIQUE society right around the corner from where she lives. 

Day 3
What PARANORMAL being do you LOVE to read about most (Vampire, Zombie, Werewolves,Ghost..etc.) and what book do you thing best represents them?
I recently found the Soul Screamer series by Rachel Vincent and fell in love with
Bean Sidhes (Banshees). It's a great series and its something different.

Day 4
What book have you read that has scared, grossed or disturbed you to?
I don't deal with real life horrific issues real well and that is why I read paranormal/supernatural books. But the most distributing books for me are the ones that have any sexual abuse or serial killer themes to them so I steer VERY clear from those. One recent book a friend lent me to read was Dean Koontz Odd Thomas and I couldn't sleep without my light on for a while.

Day 5
Have you ever been on a ghost, vampire, haunting, or any supernatural tour? If so how was it? If not, would you want to and which one?
I have not been on any tours but was planning on going to one in Galveston these past few weeks but it didn't work out. I do however plan on going to New Orleans and doing a couple there.

Day 6
What is your favorite Halloween candy and which character would you say is your favorite "Eye Candy"?
My favorite Halloween candy is Recess peanut butter cups and as of right now Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster is my "EYE CANDY". My review of this book will be coming soon. It is so SO HOT!

Day 7
If you could posses a magical talent what would you 
want it to be?
I would like the ability change species (shapeshifter). That would be cool.

Day 8
What forbidden romance has left you breathless?
There are so many to I will give you some one my favs...
Contemporary- Perfect Chemistry Series, Beautiful Disaster, Forget You, Paradise
Paranormal- Soul Screamer Series, Twilight Series, The Mortal Instrument Series, Hush Hush Series
I could really go all day.....
Day 9
Do you believe in reincarnation and would you like to view your past lives?
I do believe in reincarnation and would LOVE to see my past lives if only to not repeat history in any mistakes I've made.  
Day 10 
Has there ever been any weird or mysterious things going on in your town or area?
There has never been anything ,of note, going on in my neighborhood but there are always little things going on in my house. Like lights turning on and off on there own and I sometimes see shadows in the edge of my vision. The shadows are probably something coming from my imagination but my hubby and son have witnessed the lights.  

Day 11
What is the one thing you love about Halloween?
I think the one thing I absolutely look forward to each year are the costumes. They are so much fun to see.

I hope you all have enjoyed this event. It was tons of fun reading all of your comments. Thank you for taking the time to answer them. 
Make sure and keep a look out for more of my giveaway!
Sharing is Caring!!

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  1. Congrats to all the lucky winners & really enjoyed seeing everyone's answers! :)