Friday, December 9, 2011

Blog Tour: Lee Nichols Guest Post & Giveaway

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Lee Nichols
Book Recommendations from Lee Nichols
I was going to talk about some titles I really liked this year, but they were all pretty popular, and I feel like there’s already so much buzz about the popular books, so I want to take this chance to promote three YA books that I was willing to blurb this year, instead.

LIAR SOCIETY, by Lisa & Laura Roecker. So much in common with my Haunting Emma series—snarky, gutsy heroine, private school setting, hot romance, quirky best guy friend. The only thing it’s missing is the paranormal aspect, but the sinister secret society and great mystery completely make up for it.

TORN, by Erica O’Rourke. A unique paranormal world combined with probably my favorite love triangle ever made this a favorite read this year. Seriously, I’m always for one of the guys, but I’m really torn on this one, just like the title.

LIVING VIOLET, by Jaime Reed. Just a really cool heroine (no chance anyone is going to call her TSTL) and a fresh take on an ancient myth made this a great book. This one comes out in January, preorder it now!
 Haunting Emma Series
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  1. Thank you for hosting this tour, I have been following Surrender around and think this series sounds really good!