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Author Interview: Elizabeth Reyes of The Moreno Brother Series

Author Interview

How did The Moreno Brother Series come to be?  
I had this on one of my bios somewhere for a while. I actually began writing Forever Mine in high school. I wrote about seven chapters, printed them out then put them in an envelope and when the semester was over and I no longer had access to a computer. I never finished. YEARS later when me and husband moved and I went through an old box with all my high school stuff I found the envelope and started reading. I really got into it then totally left myself hanging when I finished reading the last chapter written. So I decided to finish but it wasn't until the whole ebook phenomenon came along that I seriously considered publishing it. I read about others doing it through a critique site I was a member of and decided why not? At first I hadn't thought to make it a series but as I went through the final rewrites of FM and finally finished it I missed the characters so much I decided I had to write all their stories. Romero's was the only one that I hadn't planned on writing until the readers began asking for his story. And the rest is history. =) 
Which book was the funnest to write? 
I've had a blast writing all the stories but I probably laughed the most writing Romero's. The epilogue for MYM was also a lot of fun. =)
What has been your favorite scene to write out of all the books?  
I have at least one for each book. My favorite scenes to write are what I call the BIG scenes. The ones I'm hoping my readers will be thinking OMG and sitting on the edge of their seats!! Syd and Angel meeting for the first time in FM. The blow up at the emergency room in ABM. The forbidden kiss in Sweet Sofie. There are so many in Romero's but probably when he loses it and REALLY blows up. Though I also enjoyed writing his reaction to her meeting with Michael. MYM was the longest so I have way too many to narrow it down but I will say I actually cried when going back to do do the rewrites of some of the big scenes. Anyone who's read it knows which scenes I'm talking about. *sniffs* And in Sarah and Angels short. As short as it was, there were many but I'll go with the scary "Oh no!" scenes.
You mention on your blog that you have teen children. Have they read your books and what do they say about them?
Sadly I have to admit they haven't. Unfortunately they don't share my passion for reading. They took after my husband in that way although my husband has read every one of my books. =/
What do you like best about writing? 
Much like reading, I love escaping into another world. Only when I write I get to call the shots of what happens in this other world. Although sometimes my writing takes on a life of its own and the story starts to write itself! 
Which book gave you the most trouble to write?
I wouldn't say more than I spent a lot of time that Romero was just too much. The foul language the temper. But that's just who he is and I worried that if I toned him down it just wouldn't feel right so I insisted on keeping it true to his character even though at times I was literally cringing as I typed. Believe it or not. For as much foul language as there is in his story. A LOT was removed in the rewrites and still... lol  
 If you didn't write what would you do? 
Honest to God I have no idea. Probably have a regular nine to five, but I'd still do a lot of reading on my off time that's for sure. 
Give us some book recommendations.  
Books I've read lately and really enjoyed are The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines, Good For You by Tammara Webber, On The Island by Traci Garvis-Graves is an absolute gem that I think hasn't received the attention it deserves. For my alpha loving ladies Lori Foster has always been one of my favorites. Jami Alden is also another one who writes some HOT alphas. And of course if we're talking alphas I have to mention Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire as if that book needs anymore recommending! lol    
Thanks you so much Elizabeth!
 You can read more about this author and her series HERE.

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