Friday, March 9, 2012

Blog Tour: Top Ten List for Someone Else's Life by Katie Dale

Top Ten Best places to get inspiration
  1. In the shower. If I’m stuck when I’m writing, a shower somehow seems to help unmuddle my head. I think it’s good to get away from your desk/computer and just let ideas mix and mingle and mellow sometimes.
  2. Walking in the countryside. As a writer I spend most of my time indoors typing so it’s easy to forget how wild and wonderful the world outside really is. Mix in some fresh air, sunshine and blue skies and there’s inspiration everywhere.
  3. On top of a mountain. Nothing makes you or your troubles seem quite so small as sitting amid peaks that have been there since the Earth was born. It puts everything into perspective and the fresh mountain air is truly inspirational.
  4. Staring at the sea. Especially when it’s quite rough. Watching the waves – their rhythm and power and beauty – can be really hypnotic, and really helps open your mind.
  5. In a busy city square. Trafalgar Square in London is my favourite for people watching. Just observing their body language, what they’re wearing, how they move, how they interact with each other, is fascinating.
  6. In the loos at a shopping centre! If there’s one place teenage girls chat openly it’s in the bathroom when they’re shopping. The snatches of conversation and their use of language is really interesting, and I try to imagine what they look like, and what’s happening in the rest of their lives.
  7. Buses are also great places for eavesdropping – especially if someone’s on the phone. For some reason people don’t seem to care that they’re talking about private matters pretty loudly in a public space if they’re on a phone – and imagining the other end of the conversation is pretty fun too!
  8. On the train. The steady rhythm of the train combined with the landscape streaming smoothly past your window is a great environment for letting your imagination run wild. You can be in the countryside one minute, and passing through a town the next, with little glimpses into people’s daily lives in all walks of life.
  9. In bed. Most of my ideas come to me just as I’m dropping off to sleep, which is quite frustrating – especially for my other half! Luckily I have now learned to keep a notebook by my bed to frantically scribble them down before the disappear forever, as they always do if I forget to note them.
  10. The news. Quite often stories will crop up on the news which leave my head spinning – what would I do in that situation? How did these people get into this situation? How is this affecting their families? What will happen next? There is so much material in real life that can be adapted into great fiction by just taking a slightly different slant.

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  1. INteresting post! I'm reading this soon for the tour at the end of the month and really looking forward to it