Monday, March 5, 2012

My POV: The One That I Want by Jennifer Echols

288 pages
Published December 6th 2011 by Simon Pulse 
Gemma can't believe her luck when the star football player starts flirting with her. Max is totally swoon-worthy, and even gets her quirky sense of humor. So when he asks out her so-called best friend Addison, Gemma's heartbroken.Then Addison pressures Gemma to join the date with one of Max's friends. But the more time they all spend together, the harder Gemma falls for Max. She can't help thinking that Max likes her back--it's just too bad he's already dating Addison. How can Gemma get the guy she wants without going after her best friend's boyfriend?--Goodreads


What a fun book! Jennifer had me laughing throughout this story but also feeling emotional when the situations called for it. The writing is flawless and the dialog is witty. Jennifer Echols always does great work with her stories.

Gemma is the main character in this book and I lover her no nonsense approach to any given situations. She’s a smart girl who hasn’t had any good friendships in which she absolutely deserves. Her “best friend” Addison always plays the part but is never sincere. Deceptive, cruel and just plain mean Addison has tricked Gemma into a double date with two football player from their rival school. This really wouldn’t be a bad idea except that Addison has staked her claim on Max knowing Gemma had her eye on him first.

It was heartbreaking and frustrating to watch Gemma go through all her emotional turmoil and not have the support she desired from anyone. Her so called friends disregarded her and her mother was too busy to notice that anything was wrong. Being the smart, suborn, and determined girl that she is she came out of this crazy situation in a better place. Which of course is always good and pretty inspiring.

I was lucky enough that Jennifer Echols sent me this book when she had extras to giveaway. Either way I was going to get my hands on it because I never hesitate to read any of her books. It was so good and so much fun but over way to fast. I want more of Gemma and Max!! Now, I can’t wait until Jennifer’s next book Such a Ruch which comes out in July! For some super fun easy reads make sure to pick up any of Jennifer’s book.

"It was the lamest kiss ever." Addison was saying. "I get a  sexier kiss than that from my grandpa."
"I'm sorry we have to leave. My mother has superhuman hearing, and whatever we say inside the housw will get translated into Japanese and repeated on the next seven family-plan phone calls to Tokyo." Max!" his mom exclaimed. "I would never embarrass you. that is complete bullshit."
"I hate Addison," I said. :I hate her with every fiber of my being. I have never hated anyone like I hate that girl, not even my dad's girlfriend. I would seriously like to put hair remover in her shampoo."



  1. Thanks for the review! I just put it on my TBR list!

  2. I loved this book too. It was so sweet and charming. Love Gemma!
    Hair remover? LOL. Remind me not to get on your bad side!!!