Monday, May 21, 2012

Blog Tour: Author Interview with Stefne Miller

Author Interview
If you had to choose between your books which one would you most like to see up on the big screen? Collision. The story line combined with the scenery and insight into current events would make it a great movie.

Is there something about yourself that most people would be surprised to know?   
That moment in church when the pastor tells everyone to stand and greet people is the most anxiety filled few minutes of my life. I usually act like I’m looking for something in my purse. I’m great in crowds but one on one with people I don’t know, freaks me out.

What do you think about the Collision’s book cover?
 Love it. I didn’t know  if they’d be able to find a way to get Cabot and his two worlds into one cover but they found a way to do it without showing too much of us face – which lets readers picture him how they want.

What would you say was your greatest influence while writing Collision?
 My time spent in Uganda. Most of Cabot’s first hand experiences were taken directly from the journal I kept during my visit to Gulu. I loved the country and its people so much that I wanted to tell their story but in a way that would educate and give a great story at the same time.

If you had a day to spend with your characters what would you do?
 I’d spend a day with them at Joy House (the orphanage mentioned in the book)

Where have you found inspiration for your stories?   
Every book, although very different, has stemmed from a personal experience and the lesson that I learned from that experience.

Have you had an idea for one of your characters that you really wanted to put in your book but it just didn’t work out so you had to delete it? 
 That has happened a lot. I come up with what I think are great scene ideas but as I get to know my characters more, I realize that it isn’t something that my character would actually do. I save those scenes and hope to use them in future books.


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