Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blog Tour: Author This or That with Katherine Grace Bond

Katherine Grace Bond

This or That

  1. Chocolate or Vanilla Chocolate. Except in lattes.
  2. Book or Movie Movie. (Dare I admit this?) I love books, too, of course.
  3. Classic or Contemporary Contemporary
  4. Romance or Horror Romance—but I am a literary snob and don’t want anyone to know when I’m reading one.
  5. Sun or Snow Sun. Here in the Pacific Northwest we call it “that strange orb in the sky.”  
  6. Train or Plane Plane. I think it’s pretty danged cool that people can climb into a machine and fly.  
  7. Angels or demons Angels
  8. Sushi or Oysters Sushi, definitely! (Oysters are slimy. Sushi rocks.)
  9. B&B or Hotel Hmmmm. Depends. B&B if I’m feeling social. Hotel if I’m not.
  10. Blue or Green eyes Green.
  11.  Money or Love L’Amour!
  12. Cookies or Cake COOKIES!!!
  13. Coffee or Tea Coffee. Especially nonfat English Toffee lattes with an extra shot of espresso.
  14. Hot Fudge or Caramel Both? (But never mind the bread.)
  15. Strawberries or Raspberries There were raspberries at Cherrywood, so definitely raspberries.
  16. Bad or Good Good. I like good. There’s nothing bad about good.
  17. Sunset or Sunrise Sunrise. I saw the most AMAZING one on San Juan Island last summer. It started with just a big, gray moon hanging over the mountains, and then the birds began landing in the water and calling to each other, and the sea lions were splashing around. Then the sky began to lighten and all the animals got louder until it sounded like a symphony. I cried. 


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