Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blog Tour: Character Interview with Nick and Zara of Endure by Carrie Jones

NICK: So, I'm supposed to interview you.
ZARA: Yep! 
ZARA: You sort of have to talk to interview me, Nick.
ZARA: Seriously, am I that bad?
NICK: You just smell so... pixie....
ZARA (sighing): Well, go in the living room and I will stay in the kitchen and we can shout at each other.
NICK: Good call.
ZARA: Any better?!!
NICK: Yeah! 
ZARA: Nick, you have to ask a question. The Book Lover Review people are going to get annoyed.
NICK: I'm trying to think of something.
ZARA: I could ask you a question.
NICK: Hell no! 
ZARA: You're just afraid of what I'd ask.
NICK: Absolutely... Hold on... Hold on... Um, what is it like to be a pixie?
ZARA: Weid. It's -- um -- it's like feeling everything more deeply. Smells have colors. Emotions feel like you can grab them and bounce them on the floor. And being near steel and metal stings or burns. I get a lot of headaches.
NICK: What about weres?
ZARA: What about them?
NICK: Do you want to kill them?
ZARA: I am not lying.
NICK: What about people? 
ZARA: I don't want to eat them either. 
NICK: Good.... good... Well, I guess that's it.
ZARA: That's it? Don't you want to know what it was like missing you, or rescuing you, or what it's like not having you ever talk to me? Don't you want to know how much it hurts that you are all the way in the living room because I smell bad to you? What about those questions, Nick? Don't you want to know them?
NICK: Not really. 
ZARA: !!!!
Thank you Bloomsbury for asking us to participate in this tour!


  1. Weirdest character interview ever! I like it!
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