Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blog Tour: Notes to Self Guest Post with Reno

This or That with Reno

  1. Gators bite or Turtle Soup     Turtle Soup
  2. Swim with the dolphins or wrestle with alligators    Swim with the dolphins
  3. Theme parks or Water Parks      Theme parks
  4. Pool or Beach        Beach
  5. Ice Cream or Snow Cones     Ice cream
  6. Trunks or Speedos        Trunks
  7. Sand dollar or Shark Tooth     Shark Tooth
  8. Money or Love        Love
  9. House Party or Club        House Party
  10. Camping at the river or a day at the beach     Camping at the river
  11. Air boat ride or River Rafting      River Rafting
  12. Ignorant is Bliss or  The Hard Truth     The Hard Truth

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