Saturday, May 5, 2012

Character Interview: Travis & Harper from Something Like Normal and ARC GIVEAWAY!

 Character Interview: Travis & Harper

Harper Gray: Okay, so I’m supposed to interview you for A Book Lovers Review. So let’s start with your favorite color.
Travis Stephenson: That’s what you’re going to lead with?
HG: Well, I have to admit I’m kind of curious. I don’t know the answer.
TS: I don’t really have a favorite color.
HG: Everyone has a favorite color, Travis. I’m pretty sure it’s a rule.
TS: I don’t, though.
HG: So think of one.
TS: What? Like choose one right now?
HG: Yes. 
TS: Why don’t we skip this one and come back to it?
HG It’s not that hard. You consider the colors and pick the one you like best.
TS: Desert camouflage.
HG: Really? 
TS: What? You asked and I told you.
HG: Desert camouflage is not a color.
TS: Sure it is. There’s tan and brown and––
HG: So, you’re telling me that of all the colors in the world camouflage tan is your favorite? 
TS: I was, um––kind of hoping it would get to you move on to the next question.
HG: Travis.
TS: Okay, blue. No, yellow. (falls off the couch)
HG (laughs): Nice Monty Python reenactment.
TS: (from the floor) Yeah, I liked it, too.
HG If you don’t pick a favorite color, I’ll pick one for you. 
TS: (returns to couch) Go for it.
HG: My Little Pony pink. Or maybe Barbie pink. With sparkles. Sequins, too.
TS: Okay, fine. My favorite color is the green. Like your eyes.
HG: Oh my God, shut up.
TS I’m being serious now, I swear.
HG: This interview is over.  

A HUGE thanks to Trish Doller for this interview. I just love these two characters and it is a treat to get a little more time with them. If you haven't put this book  on your TBR list I have one question for you...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? You'll love it I promise!


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  1. I am SO excited for this book - I really can't wait! And Travis and Harper sound awesome in this interview :)

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  4. Thank you very much for the giveaway!

  5. I JUST KNEW! I knew he was gonna say camouflage! hahaha he's so cute, and Harper is the best too! :)

  6. This was SUCH a cute interview - I really wish they were real. I mean, they are to US, but...really real. I want to hang out with them haha.

  7. Really interesting book, hoping to win :)

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  9. Too cute! I'm so excited for this book. Thanks for the giveaway!

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