Monday, June 25, 2012

COVER REVEAL!!: Fate by Elizabeth Reyes

HERE IT IS!! Elizabeth's most anticipated series yet. 
If you are familiar with Elizabeth's Moreno Brother Series then you know that she left us wanting so much more of Vincent and Rose in the last book. Well, here is the book we are waiting to get are eager little hands on. It's the first book in the Moreno Brothers spinoff series.
I'm so loving this cover and can't wait to see what's in store for these two!
If you haven't read any of the Moreno Brother Series you must drop whatever you are reading now and catch up on one of the most intense and passionate series I've ever read.

How they met..
This is a scene from Making You Mine which is Sal and Grace's story and the last book of the Moreno Brother Series. Grace and her sister Rose are seated at a table, at a baby shower held at one of the brothers homes that Sal invited them to.
They finally settled at their own table. No sooner had they sat than more family members arrived and sat at he same table with them. Sal introduced them as his aunt and uncle and their sixteen-year-old son Vincent, whom he referred to as Vinnie, from La Puente. They'd driven more than two hours to make the shower.
Sal walked away to fetch them all drinks. Rose leaned into her. "They hired waiters for a baby shower?"
"They hire waiters for everything," Vincent said, with a smirk. "My aunt's known for outdoing everyone in the family with her parties." 
His mom gave him a look and he rolled his eyes.
He has both Grace and Rose's attention. He resembled Sal and his brothers in many ways, except there was an edge about him. Grace noticed the tattoo of a skull and bones and works she couldn't quite make out, on his forearm and this boy was only sixteen? "We've never attended any of the Moreno's parties."
He chuckled. "Well, if you 're with Sal now, get used to it. It's like this every time." 
"Where is La Puente?" Rose asked.
"About a half hour before Los Angeles. Ever been to the L.A. county fair?"
Rose shook her head.
"Oh, well it's near there."
Sal arrived with a tray of lemonades for Grace, Rose and his aunt, then handed a beer to his uncle and soda to Vincent. "Where's my beer?"
"You're funny Vin," Sal said, sitting down next to Grace. 
Vincent continued talking to Rose while Sal pointed out more of his family to Grace, laughing at some o f the anecdotes her told her about each one. "We'll go in and see the babies in a little. Valerie and Sofie were changing them just now."
"I can hardly wait." Grace squeezed his hand.
Both Sal and Grace turned when she noticed Rose and Vincent stand up. "Vincent is going to show me the koi pond on the other side of the house."
Sal eyed his cousin. "Best behavior Vin. I mean it."
"You know me."
"Yeah, that's why I'm worried." Sal frowned as they walked away.

Want to read more? The Moreno Brother Series is available on 


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