Saturday, July 21, 2012

COLLISION The Movie & The 30 Day On Going ARC and Signed Books Giveaway!

That's right guys. You read it right. I'm hosting a 30 day on going ARC and Signed book giveaway.
Sound good to you?  Alright then let's get to the details. 
First things FIRST!!
If you guys haven't heard yet, Collison by Stefne Miller is in the beginning stages of becoming a movie! *Jumps up and down!!* Yes! Yes! YES! This is exciting and awesome news! See the video clip below to get more details.
I absolutely LOVED this book and if you haven't read my five hearts review yet here is the link Collision Review.

As the Collision movie is in it's infancy stages Stefne has asked a small number of bloggers to help spread the word about raising money to get this project off the ground. In turn, we are asking for your help by donating to the Collision Kickstarter campaign.  Any little bit helps and the production team offers a reward system  for those who donate ten dollars or more. We encourage you all to donate at the $25 level which includes your name being entered into a drawing for a chance to be an extra in the movie. I also will offer rewards for donating. This is where the ARCs and Signed books come in.
How it will work... For every dollar you donate you will get one entry in to my 30 Day On Going ARC and Signed Books Giveaway. ex. $1= 1 entry     $25 =25 entries. Your entries will last through out the whole 30 days so if you don't win the first week you still have a chance to win on the others. You may win more than once.
Every Tuesday I will have a drawing for a winner or winners. The number of winners depend on the total amount donated each week.
ex. for every $50-$100 I will give away one ARC or Signed book of your choice from the list below. So if the donation adds up to $300 then I will giveaway up to 3 books that week. I will need a minimum of either 20 donators (per week) or a total $50 (each week) to have a drawing.Once I run out of books this event ends. You may pick one book from the list below. Once that book is chosen it will no longer be available to anyone else. I've never done a giveaway quite like this so there will be a little bit of  trial and error. So please be patient if issue arise.
Once you have donated then you may gain more entries by using the Rafflecopter task where you can tweeting, Facebook likes, etc etc..


Once you have donated you will recieve a pledge summary email from Kickstart. You must forward this e-mail to Stefne and CC me. You must mention in the email that you were referred by me "Trini @ A Book Lovers Review". The CC is how I can count your entries into this giveaway. I will list up names and entries on this post so that you can see who has entered. My e-mail is and Stefne's is Put “Kickstarter” in the subject line.

pppeeewww *wipes sweat off forehead* I think that's it.
All that being said please spread the word about visiting this post in order to donating to such an amazing campaign! Again anything helps and is very much appreciated!    
 Collision Kickstarter campaign

To make things simple here are the CliffsNotes for this giveaway.
1. Donate
2. Spread the word for extra entries.
3. Email me and Stefne with pledge summary.
4. Win some AWESOME prizes!

Here is what you can win..
September releases


 I will be attending signings for the following books. I'm adding them on the list but if anything changes I will make correction ASAP.

In case you where wondering what my insentives are behind this giveaway here they go..
1. As a big fan of the book I would LOVE to see it come alive on the big screen.
2. Stefne has issued a challenge between thirty blogger in order to 
"have [my] name entered into a drawing to win a package that includes:
be [her] guest on the Collision film set during production, the opportunity to interview cast and crew members on video and post those interviews exclusively to your website, and dinner with the cast and crew during your visit to North Carolina (location for the U.S. portion of the shoot). [My] name will also appear in the film credits." This is a totally awesome opportunity and I couldn't let it pass me by.
3. Sharing is caring!And I CARE..haha. I already donated $25 to the cause.

Okay that pretty much wraps up everything. So now everyone donate and help me win this challenge!

.5. Trini..hehe yes I know that's me but I want to be among the AWESOME people!! (I donated $25. This is just FYI and does not count towards the total people participating or donated funds per week we need to have drawing.)
1. *yadkny* = Ten
2. Kelsey Dobbins = Ten
3. Joy = Ten
4. [your name here]

Guys I will have to start deleting your names from Rafflecopter if you haven't forwarded me your pledge summary. The pledge summary is sent to you immediately after you donate.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I'm not sure if my donation went through because my internet router is currently the worst EVER and doesn't fully load pages for me anymore. If it didn't go through, ignore my entries and I'm very sorry. :/

  2. Hi Lili!
    Thank you for donating! When you get a chance forward me and Stefne the Kickstart conformation email that you received after you have donated. It has pledge summary and that is how I can keep up with your entries. Thanks again!

  3. I donated and sent the email... what an amazing project! Glad I could help even if it was only a little:)

    1. Thank you so much! Every bit helps and we absolutely appreciate it! Thank you, Thank you!

  4. Whoops please delete my entries. Sorry!

  5. Yeah mine too i did not read all of the giveaway sorry!

  6. Yeah... same here. Sorry about that :/

  7. Oh darn, sorry, i didn't read all of the rules. Please delete my entries :/

  8. Although I can't donate, I absolutely *LOVED* Collision and am so excited that it's going to become a movie! Eep!

  9. Thanks for the great giveaway. I love reading.
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

    1. Joy thank you for donating and entering the giveaway!

  10. I am so sorry, please delete my entries - I didn't catch the part about donations, though I would love to if I could afford to!