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My POV: Gabriel's Rapture by Sylvain Reynard

*This review contains some spoilers*
ebook, 386 pages
Published May 22nd 2012 by Omnific Publishing 

Professor Gabriel Emerson has embarked on a passionate, yet clandestine affair with his former student, Julia Mitchell. Sequestered on a romantic holiday in Italy, he tutors her in the sensual delights of the body and the raptures of sex. But when they return, their happiness is threatened by conspiring students, academic politics, and a jealous ex-lover. When Gabriel is confronted by the university administration, will he succumb to Dante's fate? Or will he fight to keep Julia, his Beatrice, forever? In Gabriel's Rapture, the brilliant sequel to the wildly successful debut novel, Gabriel's Inferno, Sylvain Reynard weaves an exquisite love story that will touch the reader's mind, body, and soul, forever.--Goodreads


I like this book so much better then the first!! This is a romance of epic proportions. The trials and tribulation of what these two go through to be together is inspiring. This second book of the Gabriel’s Inferno series is where  hope and dream become realized but also where decisions and consequence catch up with Gabriel and Julia.

Gabriel and Julia are no longer inhibited by her being his student and him her professor which means they are free to be with each other unencumbered, at least for a while that is. As one of the professors former students files a sexual harassment complaint with the university against Gabriel his relationship with Julia comes to light and thing spiral out of control pretty fast.

This situation plays on all of Julia’s doubt and self esteem issues especially when Gabriel leaves without a clear explanation as to what is going on.  Left on her own Julia deals with the fall out as best as expected and puts plans into motion to move on and attend Harvard for her doctoral studies.

While Julia is trying her best to move on Gabriel is suffering the tortures of self control, self loathing and lost love. While separated from Julia he discovers many things about his self and does some soul searching.

As things settle down and the right amount of time passed Gabriel and Julia find themselves once again reunited but all is not happy trails and clear skies. Julia has built walls around her heart and Gabriel has set an ambitious goal for the two of them. That, along with the pressures of life as a doctoral student and the responsibilities of a professor, it seem doubtful they will pull through. 

I didn’t mention this in the review for the Gabriel’s Inferno by the writing in these stories is flawless and easy to follow. This book , just like the first, is an emotional roller coaster and provocative. This is a great romance which leave you wanting more. If anyone would ask me would I consider picking up the next  book my answer would be absolutely.

"You're the closest thing to an angel I'll ever touch."
"She is not my equal; she is my better."
"There was no one else. my arms were full even when I was alone. But if you were to tell me you'd fallen in love with someone else and that your were happy, I'd let you go. Even thought it would break me." He grimaced and dropped his voince to a whisper. "I'll love you forever, Julianne, whether you love me or not. That's my Heaven. And my Hell."

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