Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blog Tour: My POV of Fragile by M. Leighton + GIVEAWAY

Published April 2012 by M Leighton Books

 Her heart, as delicate as glass. His love, as strong as steel. Can either survive life and death?

Hardy Bradford is an eighteen year old football phenomenon who has the girl, the school, the town and the future in the palm of his hand. His life is all mapped out for him, right down to who he’ll marry and how he’ll become a professional football player. It doesn't seem to matter that Hardy would’ve chosen a much different life if it was up to him. But it's not. At least not until his Miracle comes along.

The first time Hardy laid eyes on Miracle St. James, he didn’t know who she was, but he knew she was something different and that he’d never get her out of his head. And he didn’t. Now, months later, Hardy’s world is turned upside down when Miracle shows up in his class, stealing his heart and forever changing the course of his life.

Miracle’s sick. Very sick. And Hardy might be losing the only thing in his life that has ever mattered. How much is too much to sacrifice for the one you love? For just a little more time? For just one more chance? Can Hardy be the hero Miracle needs? Or is it Hardy that needs saving?


What an emotionally epic romance! I loved every sentence of this book. It was such a strong love story with beautiful characters. And, I’m sad that it ended so quickly.
From the very beginning the attraction between Miracle and Hardy seemed very natural and pivotal. Once they set eyes on each other their lives collide and take on a new path, a hopeful one. The way Hardy sees Miracle and falls in love with her is almost dream like. But, reality quickly sneaks in with his list of his responsibilities and the reveal of her secret. It’s seems like it would be impossible to work out but if there is a will there is a way.
This book had me very emotionally involved so much so that the world around me seemed to fade away as I swiftly devoured the pages. It was engrossing, beautiful and hopeful.  If you’re looking for a great romance pick this book up. You won’t be able to put it down.

"I don't know, Cheyenne. There is just something about her. It's just ...she's's like she has a beautiful soul."
"I'm not perfect, Hardy. I;m just as selfish as the next person and I--"
"No, your not. And you're not fooling anybody by trying to pretend you are. Maybe it's because of what you've been through. maybe it's just the way you were born. I don't know, but to some people, you're everything they've ever wished for, whether they realize it or not."
"Someday I'll marry you, Miracle. And maybe someday after that, I'll deserve you."

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  1. Great giveaway. I have only read Down to You by M. Leighton and loved it.

  2. Amazing giveaway and thanks for the chance to win

  3. I've read The Wild Ones and loved it. And I just downloaded Down to You. I look forward to reading everything M. Leighton writes. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  4. This sounds fab! Thank you for sharing your pov and the quotes. I'm adding Fragile to my tbr list =)

  5. Thank you for the giveaway. I haven't got around reading Fragile yet but I am sure it will be as fabulous as the rest of M. Leighton books out there. Looking forward to reading soon.