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Shadow of the Blood Moon 
2nd book in the Blood Moon Series
ebook Published August 27th 2012

Genevieve Labreck is back with a score to settle. Her mom has been kidnapped by Zane, hybrid and all-around monster. Rumors fly that Gen’s mom is holed away in Prague, a city recognized by humans for its serene beauty and intense culture, but Gen and Will know something humans don’t. Prague is haunted by dark, evil forces.
Can Gen and Will save her mom, or will they be too late?
Some will live, others will fall. At what price do you walk away from those you love?

This was an exciting sequel to the Blood Moon series. From the very first page you were thrown into the deep end of major chaos with little down time and heart racing scenes.
In this book our main characters, William and Gen travel to Prague in order to look for Gen’s mom who has been kidnapped. What they find there in Prague is more than what they were looking for. This story starts out with William doubting Gen’s innocents about major news worthy incidences. His actions lead Gen to attempt to sever ties and seek out her own help. This doesn’t last very long but it starts a major slippery slope of distrust, dishonestly, disconnection and a whole lot of disorder.
We get introduced to new interesting characters and places which leads you deeper into the Blood Moon world. As we meet these new people and visit new locations we get a better understanding of what is going on. While lots of the original characters return the new ones are just as interesting with their own motives and unique abilities.
 The only issue I had with this book is the back and forth of feelings and relationships between Gen, William, and Joseph. At times I kind of just gave up on who to root for, if either one at all. The good thing was that I was emotionally involved with both lead male characters but the situation was a little exhausting. Either way, as some point I was still hopeful for both. None the less this book was still a good read just emotionally draining which can be a good and/or bad thing.
It’s always interesting to see how an author differentiates her book from the next author and Robin has done a stand up job. The anticipation of what is to come is monumental at the end of this book. I’m a little nervous of what is to become of these characters. I will certainly be picking up the next book in the series with anxious delight.

"My heart belongs to you, Genevieve. The way it has since I first met you. The way it always will"

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