Monday, October 22, 2012

The Walking Dead BlogNation!

Have you been bit by The Walking Dead Fever?!
Hey guys! 
So if you haven't joined the 11,466,000+ people watching THE WALKING DEAD on AMCTV I don't know what you are waiting for! Seriously! This show rocks! The 3rd season has started and I'm totally HOOKED! I can't get enough and have to share my addiction with all of you. 
So you guys know how I like to do things here in the blogosphere when I love something..that's right I make an event for it. LOL! That's just how I roll ;) And what better way to do that then to start my own BlogNation so that I may have accomplices to help infect the minds of the uninformed. 
THE WALKING DEAD BLOGNATION is a group of bloggers who will infect you with all things of The Walking Dead. We will start the fever of addiction through reviews of the show, books, and graphic novels and hosting giveaways.
Our post will start November 3, 2012 and continue every Saturday for as long as this season runs. So everyone keep your eyes pealed and don't miss out on one of the most exciting events of the year! And remember once you get bit there is not turning back!

TWD BlogNation Members

 TV Show
The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury
Graphic Novels
The Walking Dead, Compendium 1 The Walking Dead, Compendium 2
 The Walking Dead, Issue #1 The Walking Dead, Issue #2 The Walking Dead, Issue #3 

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  1. I love this show so much that I switched from Dish Network to Directv!

  2. I Love this show. I was behind in season 2 so me and my husband watched the whole season 2 on netflix. It only took us 3 days to watch the whole season 2. I want it on more then once a week.

    I am super excited about this Walking Dead :)

    Cant wait to read more

  3. I'm totally addicted to The Walking Dead too.

  4. Love the show and the Graphic Novels, but have only read 8 of those.

  5. LOVE this idea!!! :D

    Definitely keeping up with the show and I already told my hubby he's getting me the comics for either christmas or my bday! LOL