Saturday, November 3, 2012

THE WALKING DEAD BLOGNATION: An Overview Of The Walking Dead At A Glance

For those of you who have not been bitten by TWD craze prepare yourselves. This could get ugly and highly addictive.

What is The Walking Dead?
The Walking Dead started out as a monthly black and white comic book series following the survival of Rick Grimes, his wife, son and others after the zombie apocalypse.
Image Comics printed the first issued in 2003 with the tradebacks and graphic novels soon after. The Walking Dead comics were created by Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore . Tony was later replaced by Charlie Adlard.
In 2010 the series was adapted into the AMC television series The Walking Dead. The TV series inspired the full length novels Rise of the Governor and The Road to Woodbury.

What is so interesting about Zombies?
Well speaking for myself, I don't really like zombies per se but the apocalyptic situation that accompanies them is something that intrigues me. As many of my fellow bloggers know I love books with highly volatile emotions and intense situations. I so glad I found this series because it has both of those and more.

If you haven't read or seen the series where should you start?
The truth is, I got addicted because of the TV show. Thanks AMC! If you are having doubts about liking any of the comics, GN, or books watch the TV series. It's awesome and you will want more of the story. I promise you!

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