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My POV: The Second Sign by Elizabeth Arroyo

The Second Sign
Paperback, 232 pages
Published February 7th 2013 by Sapphire Star Publishing 
Bred to believe in the war between angels and demons, Gabby has come to the conclusion that love is responsible for war, jealousy, and all the other deadly sins she can think of. So when she’s exiled to the middle of nowhere for getting kicked out of her fifth school for fighting, she doesn't expect to meet Jake. Much less fall in love. But Jake is quickly drawn to the eerie beauty of her violet eyes while Gabby is unsettled by their undeniable connection.

When a demon guardian comes to collect her soul, she refuses to give it up. She’s not a demon. She can’t be. Her father and twin brother are angels. The demon gives Gabby twenty-four hours to decide her allegiance, and then starts killing her short list of friends, leaving a message behind: She is the Second Sign.

As Gabby and Jake begin to unravel the mystery behind the Second Sign, she learns Jake may be the key to saving her soul. But it means a sacrifice has to be made that will change their lives forever.



The Second Sign is an intriguing story with fascinating characters and epic plot. Angels and demons exist and live amongst us in this story. As the plot unfolds you find that the power of persuasion and free will decide ones future. And most importantly that love can set you free.

Free will is a major factor throughout this book. Even though you would think that angels and demons have a genetic disposition to be good or bad they still have free will. That is how fallen angels are declared. But Gabby is not a fallen angel as you might think by the cover of this book, no. She is something entirely unique and unknown.  

Now in her late teens Gabby has found it difficult to control her temper and it seems that bad luck follows her everywhere. The school year has come to an end and she is sent off to live at the lake house with her brother Max. This is where things turn for the worst and secrets are revealed. It is also where she meets Jake. 

 Jake is a devilishly handsome young man that has an innate fascination with daredevil stunts. When he meets Gabby for the first time it’s more than attraction at first sight. He can’t seem to stay away from her and her attempts at putting him at arm’s length are futile. Plus, he’s more connected to her world than she knows. 

I enjoyed this book immensely but I have to say that there were a couple graphic murder scenes that made me cringe. It was a little too much on the dark side for me but it didn’t hurt the story at all just made it clear to me how horrific demons can be. What I love about this story the most is that this is more than your typical forbidden love story. This is the kind of love that could start an epic war between the forces of good and evil. The ending revealed so much and my mind is reeling. So much can happen and there is still too much to learn. I can’t wait to read the rest of this series. It’s going to be epic!

Elizabeth Arroyo
Elizabeth Arroyo

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  1. Thanks for the honest review. =) I just love the word "epic". My new favorite word. lol