Friday, February 8, 2013


This post is a day early but I can't help myself!
 If you guys don't know by now, the mid season premiere of The Walking Dead Season 3
 will air this Sunday 2/10/13 at 8pm CST. 
Who's excited??
ME! me! me! That's who!
So in preparation (<--this word is very awkward to say out loud. Maybe it's just me but a certain commercial pops in my head. Just FYI.) of The Suicide King (Episode 9) I will be watching TWD Marathon. You know because watching them the first four times was not enough!    
So this leads me to ask...What are you doing to prepare for the final episodes of TWD 3rd season?
If you need help deciding take a look at AMC's ten things to do to get ready for this Sunday's episode. This will give you plenty to do.
For your viewing pleasure here are some pictures of a zombie! 
Use your iPhone "Dead Yourself" app to make yours!

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