Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BLOG TOUR: The Iron Locket by Samantha - Character Profile

She was raised to hunt faeries. He was raised from the dead.
Aiofe Callaghan comes from a long line of faery hunters. Hired by one of the faery queens, they protect the human world from chaos and destruction. But when Aiofe stumbles through an open door into the land of Faery, she discovers the job isn't as simple as it seems, nor is she.

Arthur Pendragon spent centuries in blissful nothingness, until the day the four queens banded together to raise him from the dead. Along with his twelve most talented knights, he leads the warring armies of Faery against the greatest enemy they have ever known: one of their own.

Can they overcome their differences to confront the greatest challenges either of them have ever faced?--Goodreads

 Image: Erin Chambers, courtesy of IMDB

Age: 24
Favorite Weapon: Bow

Description:Aiofe Callaghan was born to hunt. Faeries, that is. Raised by her grandparents, some of the greatest hunters alive, she is smart and talented, but something is missing. Her mother died when she was just four, leaving a hole in her life that she could not fill. The pull to hunt is strong and leads her to take unnecessary risks that put not only herself, but her entire family in danger. When she makes a nearly fatal mistake, she learns that the world is not what she thought it was, and neither is she.

Image: Bradley James, courtesy of IMDB
Age: Several thousand years old
Favorite weapon: Excalibur

Description: Arthur Pendragon lived a full life. He was the king of the most famous nation in the world, an enemy to many and a hero to most. His greatness did not earn him a place in heaven, but a place in Faery. The Four Queens of Faery banded together for the first time in thousands of years to preserve him and twelve of his most loyal knights, saving them for a time of great need. That time has arrived. Two thousand years after being laid to rest, the knights are raised from the dead and given an almost impossible task: Save Faery from Leanansidhe. When he meets the fiesty Aiofe Callaghan, his world will be flipped on its head, again.

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BIO: Samantha Warren is a fantasy and science fiction author who spends her days immersed in dragons, spaceships, and vampires. With her pet dragon, Anethesis, she ventured to the ends of the universe, but the cost of space travel cut into her sock fetish fund, so she sold her ship and returned home. When she isn’t writing, she’s milking cows or trying to feed them Pop-Tarts. She spends a lot of time in her weed patch (aka: garden), watching any show featuring Gordon Ramsay, or posting random things on her blog (http://www.samantha-warren.com).
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