Tuesday, April 9, 2013

BLOG TOUR: My POV of Murder on Olypus by Robert B. Warrner + Giveaway

Murder on Olympus (Plato Jones #1) 

Paperback, 376 pages
Expected publication: April 11th 2013 by Dragonfairy Press 

At first glance, the Gods of Olympus are as different from one another as salt is from sugar. Despite their bickering, they share a universal bond, a thread of commonality that unites them.

They’re all jerks.

After a stint with the Olympic Bureau of Investigation, Plato Jones is through with the Gods and their political games. Against his protests, he's drawn into a murder investigation, where the murderer's targets are the Gods themselves.

Plato has cracked some tough cases: exposing cheating spouses, capturing treasonous heretics, hunting three-headed dogs. But this time he’s in over his head. How can he solve a crime that’s impossible to commit? And what chance does Plato—a mere mortal—have against something powerful enough to kill a God?-- Goodreads



This to be honest is my first adult book I have given a review on and I am happy to for to be this one. This book was a new twist on a topic I always love to dive into. Greek Gods!
With murdering of Zeus and Hera’s children things could not get any worse. They turn to a person who has the ability of solving the case but there is only one problem: he hates the Gods. Private Investigator Plato Jones, who used to work for a special investigation force upheld by the Gods but left because of policy disagreements and the last person he wants to work for are the Gods, even though he is barely making his payments.
The book brings in most specifically three Gods and the continued murder cases and other things that allow this book to be intricately woven into a read with an enticing plot which makes it hard for the reader to put the book down.
The way Robert Warren breaks down his chapters kind of reminds me like James Patterson except these chapters are a tad bit longer. He writes to the point leaving the reader to continue on wanting more and more.
Twists and turns coming around every corner, Robert Warren writes a book that ensnares me wishing there was more. This is definitely and author I will be keeping my eyes out for in the future.
I give it a 5!


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  1. This book looks great - I love Greek gods, especially when the author puts a good twist on things. Thanks for the review and the giveaway.