Friday, July 26, 2013

BLOG TOUR: My POV of Finding Bliss by Dina Silver

Tour Dates: July 22-27th
Title: Finding Bliss
Author:  Dina Silver
Release date: July 16, 2013
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Women’s Fiction
 Buy link: Amazon

Chloe Carlyle has always longed for the perfect family.

Growing up with an alcoholic single mother, she has seen her share of heartbreak and disappointment, and is striving to build a new legacy for herself. After graduating from college, she takes a job working as a summer girl for the Reeds––a wealthy, accomplished family that personifies her American dream. Her summer takes an unexpected turn when the Reeds’ eldest son Tyler, the star quarterback for Notre Dame, shows up and turns her life upside down.

An ambitious young woman with a wry sense of humor, Chloe never imagined herself as the type to succumb to the looks and charms of the hometown hero, but she falls hard for Tyler, and is devastated when they part ways at the end of the summer. As she heads off to law school, Chloe tries to convince herself this was just a fling, but she can’t quite get over him. It’s not until Tyler contacts her out of the blue late one winter night that everything changes.

After doing everything in her power to build the perfect life, Chloe soon learns that there are things beyond her control. She must draw on inner reserves of strength as her life takes unpredictable—and sometimes heartbreaking—twists and turns, and she finds herself faced with decisions she never thought she’d have to make. Poignant, heartfelt, and emotional, Finding Bliss is a reminder that you don’t have to live a fairytale life in order to have a happy ending.



I love reading Dina’s book! She always has heartfelt and witty but profound stories that I can really connect with. Finding Bliss is one woman’s journey to finding her happiness through life’s ups and downs.
The main character is Chloe Carlyle. She is a strong character with many admirable traits. She’s driven, smart, caring and devoted. Nothing will get in her way of her plans to become a successful lawyer and loving wife and mother. Those are her goals, her dreams for her life. And, it just so happens that she found who she wanted to include in her plan for a happy life and it was Tyler Reed. For a long time she’s had a crush on him from afar. Never really meeting him until Chloe’s senior year of college as she was caring for his younger siblings on winter break.  
Tyler Reed is a Notre Dame Football player and is a prospect to become a professional. He’s very attractive and comes from a wealthy family. Even though his family is well off they are dysfunctional. He is adored by his mother and younger siblings and his father provides for all of them well but it’s not a fairytale family by any means. This effects who he is as a person and how he handles major issues in his life.
These two experience so much and fight so many battles with their own families and with each other but they find a way to make it work. You can see that they truly love each other and their life is good…until it’s not.
I loved experiencing Chloe’s journey with her. All the ups and downs were great, wonderful, beautiful and sometimes devastating. Overall I loved this story and was happy with how it ended. As always, I’m looking forward to more of Dina’s stories. I never hesitate to pick up a book if her name is on it. You shouldn’t either.

About the Author

A graduate of Purdue University, Dina Silver has spent the past fifteen years feeding her red wine habit by working as a copywriter in the advertising industry. In addition to writing ad copy, she formed Dinas Ideas (, a greeting card company, in 2003. Dina serves as the sole writer and designer for the business and has penned over 300 greeting cards since its inception.

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