Thursday, January 2, 2014

ABLR's 2013 Most Memorable Reads!

In 2013 I read a total of 113 books! YA! I was two books short of my goal=( but I'm still proud of my number. It's been an extremely busy year but I ALWAYS find time to stick my nose in a book.

These type of list always make me nervous because I like or love each book that I've read throughout the year in it's own way. And, usually I take something from every book I read whether good or bad. Either way it was a great reading year and the books above are some that have stuck with me, hit home, or settled deep in my heart. I have a lot to look forward to and am now anticipating many releases this year. I get a little hyped just thinking about it.

Why I listed these books and authors..

I'm addicted to Abbi Glines! Her boys are irresistible. I can't get enough of them or her books! Yum, yum, yum.

Madeline Sheehan introduced me to the grittiest, nastiest, most foul mouth series I've read yet and I absolutely fucking loved it! I'm now in constant search for any book or series that is as bold and crazy as hers!

gave her hottie a mental illness and still made him one of the hottest men on Earth..that's magic in my opinion!

made sex addiction and alcoholism sexy as hell! JK..but not really. Ok that may be in bad taste but Krista and Becca's characters have such a strong connections because of their addictions. This is one of the strongest bonds I've read between character. It's a relationship I'm drawn too.

introduced me to men (and woman) I didn't think I would ever be interested in reading about. Not because they have tattoos, I love men with tattoos but piercings in the nether regions was kind of scary until I met her INKED (and pierced) MEN! Now I'm in love with all of them. VERY INTERESTING  is all I have to say on that matter..;-)

books were definitely a pleasant surprise and different to anything I had read up to that point. Ryder Delaney is one frustrating, aggravating, and arrogant hottie. I swear, I wanted to slap and kiss Ryder at the same time but his relationship with Maddie is something I rooted for from the beginning. It's both a horrible and beautiful story.

wrote a zombie books and I loved it! I admired her lead heroine Scarlet so much. With her strength and determination to get her girls I stayed glued to the pages. It also came just in time since I'm a HUGE fan of the Walking Dead.

has always been one of my favorite authors. I love that her stories revolve and involve pretty much the whole family which is very true to the Hispanic way of life. I always want to know what her characters are doing and where they are going. Her stories hit close to home.

I got introduced to this year and it was the best thing that happen all year (reading wise). I was not in good spirits, stressed out of my mind (at the time) and her books brighten my days with every word and crazy situation she put her characters in. The Rock Chick Series is one of the funniest I've ever read! It makes me laugh out loud thinking of all the crazy shit that happens.

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