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In this irresistible romantic romp, movie fanatic Kensington Shaw is thrown into love—Hollywood-style—when her gorgeous ex presents a series of big screen challenges to win back her heart.

What girl wouldn’t want to experience the Pretty Woman shopping scene? It’s number two on the list. Or, try the lift from Dirty Dancing? It’s number five. One list, ten romantic movie moments, and a handful of shenanigans later, Kenzi has to wonder . . . should she marry the man her family loves, or risk everything for a love like the movies?

    • How many titles did you got through before picking the right one?
      The original title was The Chick Flick List, but LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES ties in so much better to the overall theme and is a play on the line from Sleepless in Seattle where Annie and Becky are watching AN Affair TO Remember.
      “You don’t want to be in love, you want to be in love in a movie.”

    • What was one of your favorite scene’s to write?

      I love the movie reenactments of course, but also the Failure to Launch inspired paintball scene mixed with My Best Friend’s Wedding escape. Its quick paced and runs a bit rampant, but it was such a release for the character and so much fun to write. Oh, and the stalking and end in friend scene with Tonya. I do enjoy the physical part of comedy.

    • What scenes made you laugh?
There are a few scenes that I giggled while writing, but one part, where Kensington is stalking Tonya outside her apartment, had me in stiches. Her random thoughts during such an intense moment are so silly. I knew I was over-tired when I wrote it and planned on taking it out until comments from beta readers mentioned they snort-laughed out loud. Here’s a snippet:
Thank God she’s on the ground floor. I slink along the wall outside her window, inch by inch. Shit, the shrubbery’s dense. Ow. The spindly branches scratch at my skin. My hair catches in its pickers and tugs as I turn my head. What the hell kind of bush is this? This isn’t working. I try to turn . . . voices. I hear voices! Someone’s walking up the path. I duck as low as I can, but I’m not wearing camo, I won’t blend, and they might see me.
Closing my eyes, I hold as still as possible in the shrubbery, trying to stay quiet until her neighbors pass by. Is this what a CIA spy-guy feels like? I don’t know how they do it. I have an itch on my ankle. I’m holding a weird squat position. My ankle is on fire, and after all the coffee, I need to pee. Are they gone? I think they’re gone. Okay, I scratch my leg and straighten. I can do this. I turn and wedge myself flat along the wall. I sidestep between the bush and brick, backside out, hands hugging the mortar. My fingertips reach for her window, almost, I can almost . . . there.
Yes. I’m right under it.
Slowly . . . I bring my head up. Little by little I rise, careful not to draw attention from inside. I freeze. Only the crown of my head is over. There’s no weird scream, no exclamation of Oh my God, whose hair is that? I stifle a giggle. That would be weird. Looking out your window and seeing only a forehead. What would they say to the police? You couldn’t be arrested as a Peeping Tom. A forehead has no peepers.

    • What scene made you cry?

      The epilogue. I can’t say anything without spoiling it, but yeah I had happy tears on my cheeks as I finished out their story.

    • Who has been your favorite character to write?

Well, of course Kensington, but I have to admit I like writing Tonya. She’s sassy and awful in that frienemy way. She’s a bit Tom-Tom, Judy Greer’s character in 13 Going on 30.
    • Give us some unknown secrets about your characters.

      Secrets? Well, I can tell you who my muses are for them. Ellie is Ty from Clueless, Britney Murphy’s character, and Bradley was always the handsome Paul Walker. Shane is a mixture of Hugh Dancy in Shopaholic, at least his speech and wonderful messy hair combined with James Marsden’s killer smile. Although many readers have been sending me photos of Richard Madden for Shane.  Yup, I can see that. He works.
    • Any other fun information you would like to share.

      Just like Kenzi, I’m a movie fanatic, and we’ve started an I LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES Rom-Com club on facebook. Everyone’s invited for weekly movie reviews, film trivia, behind the scenes info, and fun prizes.

      i LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES club:

As Kensington says… “It’s the magic of boy meets girl, the angst of catch and release, the serendipity of meant-to-be. It doesn't matter if a romantic comedy follows a predictable course, we respond because it's rooted in truth. In magic."

I wish for everyone a bit of magic and hope you enjoy LOVE LIKE THE MOVIES. Thanks for having me over to chat!
xo Victoria
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