Thursday, May 15, 2014

TrinDee Events: RUSH TOO FAR book Signing Event - Houston Tx!

Abbi Glines made it to the Houston Area for her Rush Too Far Tour on May 8, 2014. This book signing was wild and crazy fun! All the seats were taken and we had quite a few standing around the back. Definitely a full house. There was a ton of giveaway plus Abbi and her hubby Keith gave out free beautiful Rush Crush T-Shirts!

Abbi chatted about Rush's book (Rush Too Far), the rest of the Rosemary Beach Series, her other series and what is coming next! Then there were lots of questions and discussion about her hotties and then the ultimate spoiler about Jase! Questions like "WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO THAT??" (that was from me, Just kidding!) were thrown out but it was all very exciting to hear. Her Houston Fans loved every minute of it.

One of the many fun things at this event was the Rosemary Beach Trivia. TrinDee Events (the host of the event) wanted to turn things around for just a little bit to see how well Abbi's fans really knew the series! I'm happy to report that Houston pass the test! Out of about fifteen question there was one question that had readers stumped but it's understandable. Want to know what the question was? Take a look below.

Name 6 of the Rosemary Beach Boys.
Can you answer this?

Either way this was a very memorable signing and we LOVE having Abbi down here for signings! We hope to see her again soon!

I leave you with some pictures of the signing. Enjoy!

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