Review Policy

Genres we promote on my blog and post reviews on:
YA: Fiction, Romance, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction, Romantic Suspense, Steampunk and Dystopian.
New Adult: Romance
Adult: Fiction, Romance, Erotica, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction, Romantic Suspense, Steampunk and Dystopian.
We have been known to dabble in other genres (classics, legal thrillers,memoir) but for the most part the genres above are our favorites and would like to stick with them.

Inquiries- If you would like your  book reviewed you can contact us by emailing Trini at abookloversreview@gmail. I will respond within a reasonable amount of time. Usually within 24 hours but no later then 3/4 days if we are able to review the book. If you have a specific time frame in mind for the review please make sure to mention it in your email. Also, if you are asking me to review a book from a series that is not the first we would ask that you provide all earlier books so that we can give a comprehensive review of the whole series as well. Each book will also be reviewed and posted.

Reviews post- We usually will read and post a review within 2 to 4 week of receiving a book. As written above please let me know if you want the review posted on a certain date.

Book Formats- We will accepted any back list, new release, or ARC in bound copy format or electronic form.

What Goes In Our Reviews- We are very emotional readers so all of our reviews will be based on how the book made us feel. It will contain our personal opinions and beliefs.

We try not to make them too long and drawn out but some times we have very strong opinions and a lot to say on some of the characters and subject. Along with keeping it short and sweet we ususlly  add what it was we liked, dislikes, and a description of the characters we had a connections with.

We try our hardest not to give away any spoilers. I think we have done a pretty good job so far in not giving away too much in our reviews. We want our followers to experience the book just like we did so we keep most details, twist and turns to our self.

We have also added a couple of fun things on the bottom of my reviews like Quotes, Other Books In the Series, and Recommend By. When we find a quote we enjoyed we like to put it in our reviews to give our audience a hint of what kind of voice the book has. It's always fun putting them up.

We mention in each review if the book contains any sexual content and/or drugs. This is to help notify parents what their child may be reading about. We've found this to be a great thing to disclose because if they have found that their son or daughter has read a book containing some of these controversial subjects it may be a good opportunity to have a heart to heart with them. Or of course they can just tell them not to read it until they are ready for such subjects. We also add links to author pages, put trailers, and of course my rating of the book.

We are in no way professional reviewers or editors but we are very passionate about reading and getting the word out about a book we have enjoyed.
We do not like to post negative reviews on A Book Lovers Review. I think we have done that (maybe) three times and I don't take pleasure in it at all and really what is the point.
 We focus on promoting reading!

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1) Any ARCs provided for review will not be sold. A Book-Lover's Review in no way supports book piracy.
2) In support of this blog we are affiliated with Barns & This does not hiders anyone from participating in any of my contest or events but are encourage to purchase books through my link for extra entries in to contest and giveaways.